Hue city has been known as one of the destinations containing ancient beauty with the majestic and magnificent tombs, romantic natural landscapes captivating people for a long time. However, that beauty seems to be quite familiar to visitors when coming to Hue. Therefore, in addition to visiting famous tourist sites, visitors should try once to set foot

Hue is one of the best tourist attraction in Vietnam. Surrounded by nature, with both mountain and beach, not to mention many historical heritages, Hue could be considered as a tourism paradise. However, not any tourist knows or has time to find the best things to do in Hue city. Here is some suggestion from

Ho Thuy Tien is a vietnamese name of Hue Abandoned Water Park. It started to build in 2004 for the tourists can come to have a visit with beautiful nature surround but it never completed finish because of running out of money for building this.  But this overgrown abandoned waterpark in central Vietnam has become