The Hue Charity Tour is the first socially responsible tour in Hue that visits Hue orphanages as well as a social services center. The ‘I Love Hue Tour’ hopes to create a charity in the future and is using this tour business as a community business to raise funds.

Why should you choose this tour?

Funds raised in this tour will be used to help children in the orphanages buy school supplies and clothes. Hue is a city which has many orphanages. Life in Vietnam is very difficult and the goal of ‘I Love Hue’ Tour is to help the people. Tourists will understand more about Vietnamese life after experiencing this tour.

Highlight of Hue Charity Tour

Experience the Hue Charity Projects, as we would take you go several orphanages and social centers for doing volunteers. In the early morning, I Love Hue Lady Bikers will take you go to the market for buying the gifts for children and we will take one day for volunteering and be visiting the places we have planned.
If guests would like to volunteer in Hue orphanages or are social services, we can help arrange that.
Let’s join with us to give back to the community with Hue Charity Tour!
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” Together we can build a better world”
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“RAIN  is only WATER, Do not worry about it because I Love Hue Tour is here with you ”


Pick up in the hotel/guest house


Visit Dong Ba market and buy candy, fruits and others surprises for the children.


Continuing to visit Hope Center for learning how to make electric wire with deaf people.


Visit Thuy Bieu orphanage and giving gifts to the disabled kids as well as help the children eat at lunch.


Lunch time together in Thiện Tâm restaurant to raise donations for Duc Son orphanage.


Continue to visit the  Peaceful Bamboo Family, a center for many disabled where youngsters. Guests have coffee in the Tea House.


Finish the Hue Charity Tour

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 5 reviews
September 5, 2017

I booked the charity tour and it was the most worthwhile tour I have ever done. I have always had reservations about visiting orphanages but this was different- we weren’t really there to see the children but to deliver snack supplies for them. As a result of coming to deliver snacks, the nuns and workers open their doors to show you they are working hard and doing their very best for these children. We started at about 8.30 and headed to the market to stack as many snacks as we could onto the motorbike, then we went to see three different establishments delivering different things to each one. The tour cost included everything and my guide made it clear that where we ate lunch was part of one of the establishments and by eating there we were supporting the children’s home in the area. It was clear to see where the tour fee went and that it went straight back to the children, everything was transparent and whilst difficult to see children in establishments such as these, ilovehue work hard to make a difference. This is a company with a great ethos, empowering women and making a difference in their community.

February 23, 2017

It is a completely unique and heart warming experience to be able to connect with the people and the community on a more intimate level.

I was able to visit so many places; to donate meager supplies; but most importantly to offer up my time and heart to those less fortunate than myself. Sweet and ambitious Lien made recommendations on what to get each place, whether it be school supplies, a few toys, household goods, or just fruit and snacks. It did not cost much; it’s really the thought that counts. We visited a place that took care of disabled children. There we danced, sang and played with the children. The smiles and laughter on their faces are completely priceless. We were also able to help the staff with feeding time, as they are extremely understaffed. We then visited a functioning teahouse that trained and provided lodging for disabled teens and young adults so that they may learn to incorporate into normal daily life. There was a functioning garden there that we helped weed, side by side with the disabled youths. I truly wished I had more time to help out there. We also visited a buddhist nunnery where many orphans reside. To see so many orphan babies there was truly heartbreaking, even though they were being well taken care of. For the short period of time I was there however, I was able to provide attention, care and affection to these babies. I know it may not seem like you are doing much, but believe me, you are. Every smile you encounter, every sound of laughter you hear, every affection you offer, counts for something. If not for the children and the community, do this for your heart and soul. You will find a renewed appreciation for life and love.

The heart-warming charitable tour was not the only memorable event of the day. After all that, despite being somewhat tired, we all decided to meet up later that evening for karaoking and dancing, as friends. What an awesome end to the day!!! Thanks Lien for the wonderful memories!!!

February 18, 2017

It was my 1st time meeting Lien Nguyen and she has this amazing warmness smile and personality. She is so lovely , honest and fantastic. Lien and her staff were very helpful and thoughtful. They drove me to a place with full of Intellectual disability kids and I just feel in love with them. It was awesome to talk and play with the kids. I thank Lien for giving me her time. When I come back to Hue I’ll definitely call Lien.

February 18, 2017

Both my partner and I did the Charity Tour which is a little different from the usual tours we would normally do in asia. It was great to see and travel around on the back of the motorbikes for the day. We loved visiting the orphanages and the tea house! It was great to see everyone having a smile on their faces and to help out where it was needed. This tour helped us to see the struggle some of the vietnamese people and children experience. We would highly recommend this tour and we will definitely love to come back and do the tour again. A big thanks to the 2 girls from I love Hue tour, they were really amazing throughout the whole day!!

February 14, 2017

An amazing company built by a young inspiring women. I had the pleasure of being involved with a Charity event at a Hué orphanage, helping I Love Huè create a New Years Party for the beautiful kids. Had a fantastic day. I would highly recommend to anyone to get involved. I Love Huè Tour most certainly do everything from the Heart!! Thank you so much for allowing me to be involved in this amazing day Liên. All the staff at I Love Hue Tour are amazing, smiley and friendly… showing a great passion for Hue city. Along with all the amazing charity and community work I Love Hue Tour do they also offer great motorbike tours to allow anyone interested seeing many great sites in the city.

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