A memorable month to be an intern in I Love Hue Tour

Hello Everyone,
My name is Nhi and I am a trainee in I Love Hue Tour company. Today is my last day of working in I Love Hue Tour company. I am feeling so sad to leave this amazing company after one month doing internship here as I have learnt so much. Nothing is more valuable than the words so I am writing this post to tell with everyone about how different person I have became.


From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much I Love Hue Tour company especially Ms.Lien for allowing me to be a part of this family in one month. I would like to call this company as “ FAMILY” since I feel everyone here care each other like home. Thanks god for bringing this company to my life. I am so lucky because I was working with everyone in company. Time flies, one month to be here is so short for me, I just feel like a week but I am so grateful about how I have learnt in here as the English skills, leadership skills, working skills, community skills, etc…. Especially, I have learnt how to be crazy to have fun in life. All the people here are so funny as well as smart. They have been so awesome in my heart. So many things I have never learnt before.


The leader of company said “ Be crazy, be funny BUT be smart, life is too short to waste your young life so let’s make something really different” . It has motivated me a lot. I known the company from my teacher, my friend and website. What a young and dynamic company. When I worked with everyone, they helped me very much. They gave me opportunities to practice my English. If I need help, they always willing support. I could put forward my ideals. They corrected my mistake and I felt me like a member in company.
During 1 month, I took part in many activities in company. For example I went to tour, engage charity activities as well as practicing English. I felt confident more when I talk with foreign friends. Surprisingly, everyone is not only speaking awesome English but also sign language. I love this company so much that they have warm hearts and they go everywhere to help people from their works. Their passions are amazing. Everyday, I have shared to the leader how the person I am that I am not strong, I usually crying when I have problems, I don’t smile that much, I am afraid to be alone, I even told her that I will go abroad to study for 3 months for exchange student program of my university but I am afraid my English is not good enough, …etc. The leader has been helping so much by her words. She is so young but super powerful in her words. She did a lot of talks to me that made me learn many things. Now I think I am more confident to be ready for my abroad trip soon.



Additionally, the members in company are friendly and dynamic. They are brimful of power all day. They can do everything with their talents. They make me happy and positive with my thoughts.
I learned way to co-ordinate in work. Every member assumes a function in company. They always try to their best and try to make motive power by themselves.
Before, I am a person whom has negative and timorous thoughts. Now, I always try to think positive about everything. I try to show my abilities and work hard. I smile more than before. I feel happy everyday when I come the company.
What a great experience! I am growing up everyday and it is a good way to be.


I feel so grateful to have you all and I don’t know how much would be enough for me to say “ thank you” to the team as well as Ms.Lien. You all have been sending your power to me. I become stronger than I thought. I will miss you all and I promise I will be successful in the future as the leader said.
I will never forget the company!
Thanks for their help!


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