The Abandoned Water Park in Hue

Ho Thuy Tien is a Vietnamese name of Hue Abandoned Water Park. Hue Abandoned Water Park is one of the interesting sites to explore in Hue Motorbike Adventures. It was built in 2004. However, it was never completed, because its investor doesn’t have enough money to continue this construction. It is gradually old later, but it still attracts tourists coming from around the world because of its overcast space. Besides, they also want to come enjoy sightseeing and the characteristics. The scenery of Hue Abandoned Water Park is quite strange.

The abandoned water park is a place must visit in Hue. I Love Hue Tour will show u this amazing destination in hue

This overgrown abandoned waterpark in central Vietnam has become a ‘must-see’ for adventurous travelers after it was left to its own devices for over a decade. Many years ago, this place still has some tourists to visit. And now it becomes an overgrown ghost park in the jungle. In recent years, Ho Thuy Tien is a place attracting visitors around the world because of the unique architecture and nature of the park.

Now, the slides have many wilting leaves and palm trees growing in the middle and surrounding of rusty spirals, while the pools are filled with murky algae-infested waters.

the slides in hue abandoned water park is the thing you must see

The entrance to the aquarium building at Ho Thuy Tien is protected by one of the dragon’s claws. Especially, there is a big dragon made from stone, glass with elaborate architecture. In addition, the dragon’s body forms a staircase, so visitors can walk up the part of dragon head to enjoy the stunning view.

Ho Thuy Tien is the Hue abandoned water park. there are many interesting things to explore

In the past, there were many crocodiles living in the lake. Until recently, staffs of this place keep three crocodiles living in the small pool. They are fed by local people and backpackers. Afterward, staffs and local people caught them and moved them to another place so as to avoid the danger for guests.


Most tourists said that the aquarium is the most impressive structure on the property and actually they are impressed by the wonderful scenery of this place.
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