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About I Love Hue

I Love Hue Tour is a local tourism agent which operates scooter tours with lady bikers. 

This is a unique tour of Hue that offers a totally new experience in visiting the city with the Hue Lady Riders on motorbikes. You even get to wear an ‘I love Hue t-shirt’ when touring. ‘I Love Hue’ Tour is a Hue motorbike tour that offers tour guests the opportunity to explore real Vietnamese life in Hue. We are a group of lady students who are passionate about tourism and love sharing our knowledge of Vietnamese culture and history with visitors. Our Lady Rider business also supports disadvantaged people living in and around Hue. Moreover, we are proud of our English proficiency and our in-depth knowledge of Hue’s historical sites. There is so much to learn about Hue that we are able to offer many tours in and around this beautiful city. Let’s go and enjoy the beauty of Hue on two wheels with the Lady Riders!

About Our Founder

Starting the business from 100 USD

With a big love for Hue city and community, I Love Hue Tour is a social enterprise business that starts with the idea of empowering women in tourism by our founder in 2014 – Nguyen Thi Huong Lien.

Starting a business from 100 USD when she was a colleague, she did everything on her own like being a tour guide, supporting the IT in building the website, developing the tour content, operating the tours, hiring colleagues, etc. With the ambition to help more female students become confident and improve their English skills, our company has grown tremendously in Vietnam over 6 years. The company even launched in Laos and Cambodia and it changed the name to I Love Asia Tour. For the last 6 years, we empowered over 150 local female students to work passionately with us. The venture also supported disadvantaged people in Hue city from the tour’s profit. It was a great achievement and our team felt proud. 

After two years of hiatus due to the Covid 19, our company finally open again in Hue with the I Love Hue Tour. In collaborating with VM Travel, we are happy to work better in tour operation.  We continue to support local female students to work with us again. Let’s join us and discover the beauty of Hue on the back of our scooter tours.

Ms Lien - I love Hue tour

Ms.Lien – The Founder of I Love Hue Tour ( in the left)

team i love hue tour

Team I love Hue Tours

I Love Hue Team

We are a group of female students who are passionate about tourism. We love guiding and showing tourists the best places in Hue. With our proficiency in English and deep knowledge of Hue city, we can wait to take you to visit hidden sights and local spots here.

In 2014, When the company was first set up, our team had 1 person who is our founder. After that, the team increased to 20 lady bikers in Hue. With the same passion for tourism and community, the team has been working hard to serve thousands of tourists over the last 6 years. I Love Hue Tour’s mission is to continue to create more jobs for women working in the tourism industry. We are proud of how much we have achieved and our team continues to grow back stronger after the covid 19 pandemic.

With 4 special tours in Hue which we have designed, we are happy to create more unforgettable memories for your travel in Vietnam.