You do not have much time? And you just want to travel within one day in Hue? Your travel to Hue will be easier and more convenient if you have a clear itinerary in advance. Obviously, knowing what to do in Hue in a day such like that helps you save your time and energy.

Half day tours are always on top choice of travellers. They are convenient and enough for tourists to have an overview of the destination. If you are looking for the best half day tours in Hue. Here are some suggestions for you. HALF DAY TOURS EXPLORING HUE IN THE MORNING HUE HALF DAY CITY TOUR Duration:

Hue – ancient capital city of Vietnam is famous for its charming beauty with sights of ancient monument, especially royal tombs. There are 7 royal tombs of the Emperor of Nguyen Dynasty scatter along the Perfume River. Visiting all of 7 tombs is impossible in one day so here are the top royal tombs in

Hue is one of the destinations that tourists should not miss in the journey to discover wonderful landscapes. And come to Hue, tourists should take the opportunity to visit Vong Canh hill with the best motorbike tour in Hue. That’s a memorable time to enjoy the beauty of Hue. “Vong” means see, observe, “Canh” means

Hue city has many wonderful places which attract people around the world. However, there are some other hidden places in Hue which few tourists know about them. Are you curious about hidden places in Hue? Let’s take a look at some recommends below. Ru Cha Mangrove  With the natural beauty, the local people regard Ru Cha

Night markets are a popular cheap shopping place all over Asia, and that of Vietnam’s picturesque is no exception. Hue night market is a special attraction which combines not only long-standing traditional culture but also the modern style which the young people fall in love. Let’s explore together this special Hue attraction! Overview about Hue

Nguyen Dynasty is the last dynasty of Vietnam, which leave an enormous amount of heritage sights in Hue city. Therefore, as a former capital of Vietnam, it is easy to find many historical architectures. The most special landmarks in Hue is the Complex of Hué Monuments which includes the Citadel, the Imperial City, and the tombs. Besides

Through the special Hue community tour and city tour, I had an unforgettable trip with 13 guests who came from different countries such as Canada, The UK, New Zealand and so on. As for me, I am always interested in Hue city tour. So this is a big reason why I felt highly enthusiastic to

Gia Long Tomb – The resting place of King Gia Long – The first ruler of Nguyen Dynasty Of the seven royal tombs, Gia Long Tomb is the farthest from Hue Ancient Capital. Its location is at Huong Tho commune, Huong Tra district, which is about 20km from Hue downtown area. In fact, this tomb

Besides the architecture of the citadel, court, mausoleum … of the feudal dynasty; Hue also has a different architectural heritage – it is a garden house – An Hien Garden House. An Hien Garden House is one of the most sites attracting tourists in Hue, since it brings both noble elite and traditional folk colors.