We always love reading positive feedback from our customers who love Hue. Especially, the lovely mail we received yesterday make the whole team happier than ever. The mail not only makes us feel proud of what we are doing, but it also shows that our company’s inspiration has reached to the world. We bring our

Today we glad to share some thoughts from our beloved Hue lady biker – Nhu Nguyen. As a social enterprise tourism company, we always love to hear from our customers as well as from our employees about their experiences with I Love Hue tour. In addition, we hope that our team can create great memories

New Year in Vietnam is coming and we are so happy to spend our last days of 2016 with Hue Volunteer Projects from I LOVE HUE TOUR. The world is so bright when we have many people support us in our journey for building a better community from tourism. We feel so honor to have

Hello Everyone, My name is Nhi and I am a trainee in I Love Hue Tour company. Today is my last day of working in I Love Hue Tour company. I am feeling so sad to leave this amazing company after one month doing internship here as I have learnt so much. Nothing is more

My full name is Nguyen Thi Huong Lien. I am a passionate young woman who wants to explore many different opportunities in life. I like to meet people to learn and share experiences. I dream to be a young leader and to take ownership of my life. One quote, which I really love, is “if

On Nov 3rd, 2016 , I Love Hue Tour were welcoming an amazing guest who is Deputy Head Of Australia Ambassador in Vietnam, Mr.Layton Pike, and his family come to Hue for a visit.

My name is Phuong and I have been working for I Love Hue Tour since 4 months. I still remember that I had an interview before and I can get in the company later. Meeting Ms.Abi for the interviewing have made me feel so comfortable since she was so friendly and the most important thing of

This is a letter which motivated us a lot and we feel more than happy when a person wrote this letter agreed for us to share to you guys this amazing story. We hope it will inspire you all when u read this letter.

Hello everyone, My name is Lien and I am the founder of I Love Hue Tour Company. Today it is my turn to express my feelings that how much I love my company and my amazing team.

Dear everyone, I am Hien who is a former staff of I Love Hue Tour Company. Today I am going to write this essay to express my feelings. Once my mind was open by a saying of a girl : “ no one can change your life excepting to yourself, only you can create your