Japanese Bridge is located on Thanh Thuy village established in the 16th century. This bridge is one of the most interesting sites in Hue. The Japanese Bridge has other names are Tile-Roof Bridge and Thanh Toan Bridge in Hue. The structure of Japanese Bridge It is an arched wooden bridge with the 17m length and the

Ho Thuy Tien is a Vietnamese name of Hue Abandoned Water Park. Hue Abandoned Water Park is one of the interesting sites to explore in Hue Motorbike Adventures. It was built in 2004. However, it was never completed, because its investor doesn’t have enough money to continue this construction. It is gradually old later, but

Ho Thuy Tien is a vietnamese name of Hue Abandoned Water Park. It started to build in 2004 for the tourists can come to have a visit with beautiful nature surround but it never completed finish because of running out of money for building this.  But this overgrown abandoned waterpark in central Vietnam has become