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My full name is Nguyen Thi Huong Lien. I am a passionate young woman who wants to explore many different opportunities in life. I like to meet people to learn and share experiences. I dream to be a young leader and to take ownership of my life. One quote, which I really love, is “if you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” That quote gives me the motivation to make something different for my life.

CEO- I-love-hue-tour

At the moment, I have a business in tourism, which is called I Love Hue Tour. The goals of this business are to give female university students an opportunity to speak English with foreigners, through work, and to help give back to the local community I have done many charity tours to raise donations for children in orphanages and socio centres. I am although these tours provide just a small amount of help for the community, they make my life more fulfilling—they affirm my passion and my heart for society. I realize that living with happiness is the best way to enjoy life. Every place in this world will always need help from good people. There is a cost of 0 USD to be a good person, so if you cannot find a good person in your life, then choose to be a good one first. I want inspire the women in Vietnam should be independence and confident because this is the way we all can be successful in life.


Being a social entrepreneur has always been my big dream, so I want to build a community business in tourism. I would love to make it become a meaningful business that helps society. I will try my best to make my life become more amazing, while I am still young. I Love Hue Tour has been born and the passion is changing the world from youth empowerment especially the female. I want to inspire all the people about how you should be in life since we are only live once and lets make something different for your life. I am living with happiness everyday with these innovative ideas in I Love Hue Tour. I would love to share you about the story when I started up I Love Hue Tour company with 100$. From passion of life, I burn this idea until now. You all can check the some links follow on Emily travel blog, Dulichable, and video on youtube, etc. you will understand more about the way I have been through in life.

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Ms.Nguyen Thi Huong Lien – Founder of I Love Hue Tour – Social Enterprise in Tourism

A new way to go in business for the world future; community is a part of my life so I will keep going in this way to be influencer to the people. I want to build a better world for humans..
In my life, I have joined some international conferences as a young delegate such as the Asian-Japan Youth Forum and World Village 2016 in Indonesia, Global Start up ASEAN and Young ASEAN Leaders in Malaysia;  ASEAN Connext in Thailand. It have been an amazing time in my life to meet young international leaders, and I have learned so many things along the way. Being a Vietnamese delegate has been such a wonderful opportunity for me, and I continue to feel so proud when introducing my beautiful country to international friends. In the future, I am planning to try my best to go to more and more conferences and forums to meet, share, and learn from people all over the world, because I believe that in life, we never stop learning.

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Additionally, I have worked in many organizations such as Save the Children, Orbis, Hearts for Hue, Phuc’s Fond, and Hue Help. I have done many projects in non-governmental organizations as a translator, collaborator, coordinator, and volunteer. Being a socio worker makes my life more wonderful and meaningful, and that is what makes me want to be a socio businesswoman. Working internationally, with young leaders, also inspires me to become more active in my own life. I have joined many international programs to work as an interpreter in Vietnam, as well to have a chance to develop my speaking skills—such as Hue Festival, Summer Travel Study Program with American students, and Ballet Dance with American Dancers. I have had many experiences to work with foreigners and to understand their cultures very well. I like to make friends around the world, and I enjoy building strong international relationships to work on making the world a better place.


I also believe in our youth, and I think my generation can change the world with our enthusiasm. Life is so boring to be a normal person. If I was born for changing the world, I would keep going in this way. ” Follow your passion and do whatever you want to do in your life since we only live once”.


raymond ringhoff
March 3, 2018
really proud to know Lien she is an awesome young women I have a grand daughter who I hope will be like you when she works with her grandpa running an office in HCMC and being top management

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