This is a letter which motivated us a lot and we feel more than happy when a person wrote this letter agreed for us to share to you guys this amazing story. We hope it will inspire you all when u read this letter.


This letter has motivated us a lot to keep going in our way

” Hi Lien,

I don’t know why I write this letter for you. Maybe, I admire your work and your passion with community. I am delighted as I got to know you. You are really a weird girl that you make everyone fond of you at the first time because of your smile. You are not only acknowledge but also warm heart. These were impressed me by you. The first time I met you, I have thought that you have been smart girl. The second time, I have known that you are a hard worker. And, the third time, I have realized that you have been passionate girl with your business. Actually, I like the talent youth and you are the first young girl who affected strongly my awareness about competence of youth. You are a bright mirror so that I can learn many things, especially great passion for your job. You helped me have more motivated to stay here and dedicate for my career.


A passionate leader of I Love Hue Tour – Ms.Lien

I used to tell you about Simon de Beuvoir. She said that ” One is not born, but rather becomes a woman”. And you are proving the truth. Thanks God for giving you in my life. I am really a lucky person when I met a cute friend as you. They make my life become more colorful. Each person always give me different lessons and experiences. I appreciate highly your job and the way you treat everyone. Its so amazing. I read a book which is called ” Youth, Its painful”. It tells about challenges, dreams and aspiration of youth. I remember the author said that each person’s life cycle is like 24 hours in the clock. For example, our life expectancy is 80 years old * 24 hours = 1440 minutes. Now you are 23 years old * 414 minutes = 6:54am. It means you are so young to do everything in your life. 6:54am which is the time that you have just woken up and prepare everything to go out in the morning. Normally, in this age, everyone is still at home and lack of experience in order to face to many problems in society. However, you came out into society soon. You have started up your business since 2 years. Its a luck for you more than others. You have basic background for your future later. Lets remember that we are so young. Trying to build better life day by day. I hope you can keep your passion to complete higher target. I believe absolutely in your competence and you will be success one day.

Love will exist and last forever in everyone’s hearts. So, lets work with pure conscience and you will receive more surprise than your imagination, Make a great effort, a sweet girl.

Wish the best things to you! ”

Best regards,




Your letter have made everyday full of happiness in our minds. <3