A Letter From Our Beloved Customers Who Love Hue
I love hue

We always love reading positive feedback from our customers who love Hue. Especially, the lovely mail we received yesterday make the whole team happier than ever. The mail not only makes us feel proud of what we are doing, but it also shows that our company’s inspiration has reached to the world. We bring our love from Hue to the world and we make the world love Hue. This is also one of the reasons why we are so passionate about tourism, about Hue. Because we are happy if we make others happy.

I love Hue tour customers

The email from our customers who love Hue:

” Ms. Lien,

Thank you for sending the photo from our food tour the other night. My mom and I had the most wonderful evening with our guides!! The four girls were such incredible hosts and kept us laughing for hours. We Hue!!!

We were so impressed by your organization and your staff- you should be very proud. We will be sure to recommend this tour and your organization for any of our friends/family traveling to Vietnam!

I have traveled all over the world and that was one of my most enjoyable tours with local staff enjoying local culture and the community…. and especially with such young hosts!!

Wishing you all the best and much success. Please pass on our thanks to the four ladies that hosted us the other evening. I’ve also attached a few photos.

Sadie “

I love Hue tour street food tour

Thank you for spending time with us, and also for writing such a sweet letter to us. Our lady bikers are really happy with your feedback, and we are also proud that you considered us as one of the most enjoyable tours. This is what keeps us moving forward. Therefore, the team will keep trying their back to spread more love from Hue, and to make the whole world say “We Hue”



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