Hue Things to Do at Night

Hue city has been known as one of the destinations containing ancient beauty with the majestic and magnificent tombs, romantic natural landscapes captivating people for a long time. However, that beauty seems to be quite familiar to visitors when coming to Hue. Therefore, in addition to visiting famous tourist sites, visitors should try once to set foot down the street and explore Hue at night with many interesting activities. From that, tourists can feel the beauty of tranquility, but no less crowded and bustling of Hue romantic city. This article will help you more understand the beauty of Hue and Hue things to do at night.


things to do at night in Hue

Although night market has been in recent years, the nightlife has partly created a vibrant atmosphere. This gives visitors more options when exploring Hue ancient capital. Among them, Nguyen Dinh Chieu night market is a place attracting many tourists, because it sells a lot of souvenirs such as pictures, calligraphy, jewelry, … Walking through the night, guests can enjoy watching the Perfume River and buy some products as gifts.

Besides, visitors can also immerse themselves in the bustling atmosphere in the food street. In particular, they should visit the foreigners’ quarter in Pham Ngu Lao Street for fun, shopping at night. There is a full range of travel services, bars, tea rooms and nightclubs that delight travelers.


If you have been to Hue, you should listen to Hue music at least once, because it is famous traditional music in Hue. Therefore, if you have been to Hue, but you have not heard Hue songs on Huong River yet, it seems that you have not been to Hue yet. This is a cultural art form with an intersection, cultural acquisition between royal court music and folk singing. Over 200 years of existence and development, Hue traditional song has become a featured travel product. And the majority of tourists are considered as a spiritual food of Hue people.

Hue traditional song usually takes place on the dragon boats floating on the Perfume River at the romantic night and under Trang Tien Bridge having brilliant light. Although performing for just over an hour, the smooth tunes and the deep singing verses sung by the Hue girls in the dainty long dress with folk instruments such as the monochord, the lute, flute,… All of them bring a space of Hue flavor Help visitors enjoy the poetic moments with Hue’s own characteristics. In addition, after enjoying Hue folk songs, visitors can participate in dropping lights on the Perfume River to pray for good luck.


Lying along the romantic Perfume River, Trang Tien Bridge is the most beautiful bridge in Hue that has existed for more than 100 years. If you have an opportunity to participate in the Hue tour, visitors do not miss the opportunity to admire the poetic bridge in a romantic, peaceful setting. This is the reason why Trang Tien Bridge becomes an indispensable symbol of the ancient capital.

Especially, on the weekends, Trang Tien Bridge becomes sparkling in the light of continuous color change when the night covers. The system of color change will be turned on with some colors like silver, blue, yellow, red and purple. These above things help the bridge look glittering, brightly colored. The bridge makes a strong impression on visitors, so everyone desires to get a foot on this unique bridge.


things to do at night in Hue

One of the most popular places for hiking and refreshments, many visitors are quite into the sidewalk café. Not only come there to avoid hot on the summer nights, they also enjoy the comfortable feeling of tranquil surroundings.

Enjoying simple drinks with a hard paper table on the grass, visitors can immerse themselves in the local people’s life.  They, in addition, experience the lively atmosphere of the ancient capital which is inherently deep and thoughtful.


things to do at night in Hue

Not only famous for its ancient architecture, Hue is also well-known for its simple foods that are difficult to resist. The cuisine here is associated with the extremely familiar dishes such as sweet soup, beef noodle, pancake,… When the night falls, most visitors begin to pour back to the street food to enjoy the special foods.

If you want to eat sweet soup, tourists can go to Hem restaurant in Hung Vuong street. This restaurant has many kinds of delicious sweet soup. If you love cakes, you can visit the cake restaurants in Vo Thi Sau street,… Most dishes are delicious and cheap, visitors can eat comfortably and watch the lyrical and romantic nightlife. Hue cuisine is one of the Hue things to do at night.

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