You can book the tour through our website:

  1. Click on TOUR tag or SEARCH TOURS
  2. Click on the tour for more information
  3. If you want that tour, input your information on the small box on the right corner of the screen and click book tour
  4. Confirm your booking with more information, we will contact you immediately.

You can also book the tour directly by calling us via Whatsapp:  +84 1694323030

You can book in advance or at the same day. However, we recommend calling us via Whatsapp:  +84 1694323030 for people who want to book an emergency tour.

Our price range is from $28 to $35, which include food and drink. We also have our exclusive $50 VIP tour led by Mrs. Lien, our amazing founder. You can get a discount if you book more than 1 tour.

There are two ways:

  1. You can pay via Paypal in advance, after confirming your booking.
  2. You can pay directly to our lady bikers after completing the tour, you can pay in VND or in USD.