Two Beaches to Chill Out in the Summer

For these blistering days in the summer, what do you often do to chill out? There is no relaxing than go swimming or lying on the white sand on the beach and enjoying the wonderful drinks. When you come to Hue, you often know about the citadel or some famous historical tombs; however, Hue is also known for its beautiful beaches. If you do not know where to go and what to do at the Hue beaches, check out these suggestions. You can take a look at Canh Duong and Thuan An beach to make your trip more memorable.

Canh Duong Beach – The most romantic beach in Hue

Canh Duong is one of the most amazing Hue beaches that you should not miss. It  is about 70km  from Hue city center,  stretches over 8 thousand meters, about 200 meters wide. Despite the far location, it attracts a lot of tourists coming for the unique blue water and some interesting activities

After hard work, you can take a bus or drive the car to Canh Duong beach to fulfill your energy. For example, many people enjoy the pristine beauty, the fresh air cool and try the fresh seafood. Nowadays, more and more people come here because of the wonderful beach camp.


Hue beaches
Canh Duong Beach camp


You can rent the tent with the reasonable price:

Price of firewood: 50,000 VND / bunch.

  • Charcoal grills + grilled charcoal + grill: 50,000.
  • Rent overnight stay tents: including pillows, pillows, blankets.
  • 2 people’s tent: 100,000 VND (day-night)
  • 4 people’s tent: VND 180,000 (day and night)

If you don’t want buy the food here you can try grilling fresh seafood by yourself and enjoy the sweet taste on the tongue while chatting with friends.

Hue beaches

Thuan An Beach – one of the most popular Hue beaches

Located about 14 km from the center of Hue city, it is well known for the  natural beauty: blue sky, white sand and pure water. It takes 40 minutes to go there by motorbike and 25 minutes by car.

Hue beaches - Thuan An beach
Thuan An Beach with blue water

Thuan An is an ideal Hue beach for you after the trip which is full of tombs and hills in Hue. In fact, a lot of people fall in love with the scenery here at the first sight. If you are keen on taking photos, you can’t miss the opportunity to watch the  sunrise in Thuan An beach. When the sun is just rising, all the sunshine are around the sky and reflect on the water, which gives you the wonderful experience. In addition, it is really nice place for people who are looking for the new inspiration or wanting to take the cameras around Hue.

Hue beaches
Sunrise at Thuan An Beach

Not only Thuan An beach is famous for its unique beauty but is also renowned for the mystery about the legendary Thai Duong goddess that the villagers are devoted to. Especially “Fishery Ceremony” starts at Thai Duong yard and proceeds to Thuan An beach towards Vi Da. The festival is full of people from many places especially the fishermen. Everyone hopes the God of sea will protect them and bring many seafood for them.

What to eat in Thuan An Beach

Beside taking photos or go swimming, you should try the fresh seafood and a lot of LOCAL FOOD like Banh loc, Banh ep (Hue savory crispy crepe) here. These two dishes are very popular with the local people as well as the foreigners. Some people do not hesitate to ride their motorbikes 14 km just for enjoying Banh loc and Banh ep here.


Banh Loc


Banh ep

All of above information gives you the overview of 2 famous Hue beaches. If you are curious about them and want to have more experience exploring Hue, let’s go with lovely and active lady riders of I Love Hue Tour Company to enjoy more great things in  Hue Motorbike Tour or Hue Local Food Tour.

If you want to find other amazing beaches in Vietnam, you can take a look through these Hoi An beaches with great lady riders in I Love Hoi An Tour Company.


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