My Feeling About Hue Buddhist Tour – a Special Tour in Hue

This is my feeling about the amazing Hue Buddhist tour that I have done recently. Honestly, this is my most favorite tour so far. Why did I say that? Because I found myself, I found peace in my mind, I felt the warm hearts from everyone around me and I felt closer to the natural beauty of pagodas during the tour. Besides, I can show this very nice religion to every guest who chooses it for their trip with I love Hue tour.

General information on the Hue Buddhist tour

Do you know? Hue is a cradle of Buddhism in Viet Nam, so there are hundreds of pagodas and Buddhist temples in this land. To organize this tour, our team had to choose the pagodas which were combined with the quintessence of Hue Buddhist Temple in hundreds of them here!

The Hue Buddhist tour start with enjoying the Zen tea

Hue Buddhist tour
Enjoy Zen tea at Teahouse

Let me tell you about this trip. In the beginning of the tour, I came to pick my beloved customer up then we went to the Teahouse to enjoy the Zen tea together. A place that just hearing the meditation music and enjoying the tea slowly, bringing to you a lot of peaceful moments.

We also learned how to make and serve tea by the guidance of the servants there. My customer had to exclaim was this place was very beautiful and peaceful. She loved tea, service style and scenery here. I can see the love in her smiles. With just that made me fall in love with the culture of enjoying tea so much more!

Visiting pagodas in Hue

Thien Mu Pagoda

Hue Buddhist tour
Thien Mu pagoda

After that, we moved to visit the first place which was “Thien Mu” pagoda. This is the oldest pagoda in Hue because it is over 400 years old and it is very famous in Hue with the beautiful view and nice highland next to the perfume river. We have learned a lot of things about this temple which has been with the history of Hue since ancient times. Because my guest was interested in Buddhism so she enjoyed hearing about history and legend of this temple, and we had a very good time here.

The Nun Pagoda

Hue Buddhist tour
Have lunch with the nuns

To continue the tour, we were going to the next place. It was a local temple inside the Imperial city wall. It is the pagoda where the nuns are living. We felt very special to be here. The nun was guiding us how to meditate and walk in peace. We were also eating some great vegan food made by them. Such a wonderful place. I can feel their kind, their enthusiasm, their knowledge, and friendliness.

We were also emotional because of what the nun was sharing her story how she became a nun. The guest said something about our Hue Buddhist tour: “This was the best tour I’ve ever done. The team was amazing, thank you! Aby my tour leader had great English skills and was so passionate and knowledgeable about Hue. The Pagoda visits were fantastic and the opportunity to talk and interaction with the local community and nuns were such a unique and memorable experience! Thank you!!” I felt very happy when she had a memorable time here.

The Lady Buddha Statue – a spiritual place

Hue Buddhist tour
Lady Buddha statue

After that, we went to the next place which was The Lady Buddha Statue. I really liked this place since I can practice setting birds free to earn merit and ring the bell. When we were doing some meaningful activities, we were feeling very happy and warm for hearing the sounds of the bell, it made us awake and settling. We found our self again and felt very peaceful after a long time rolling with life.

We also prayed a lot of things for our self, parents, friends…and bigger were for whole the world!
What an amazing culture in Buddhism!

Thien Lam pagoda – the unique pagoda in Hue

Hue Buddhist tour
Thai Buddha statue in Thien Lam pagoda

Leaving this nice place, we were heading to the last temple. It is Thien Lam Temple. This one is completely different from the previous three temples about architecture and culture and it is very beautiful. We have learned many things about Buddha’s life, from he was born until he became a Buddha after 49 days and nights meditated under the Bodhi tree by some statues describing his life when we just stepped to the gate.

What I archive after the Hue Buddhist Tour

Hue Buddhist tour
Meditation to find peace in your mind

During the Hue Buddhist tour, I felt lighter, I found peace in my mind. Learned how to walk, how to eat, how to think and how to do everything in mindfulness. I believe that Buddhism is a wonderful religion in the world. It is real, it is natural, it closes to nature.

It made us realize the danger of greed in life. Through this, we learn to change and transform our thoughts, actions, attitudes with life and everyone. It reminds and supports us have to be a kind person, so we will receive luck and happiness from what we did to the world.

And with our passion is want to show this nice religion to everyone, so I think Hue Buddhist tour is one of our highlight tours. It will be developed a lot in the future to make a better world.
Let’s come and join the Hue Buddhist tour with us!
You will not be disappointed and will have the best time in Hue with I love Hue tour!


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