Today I have cried because of happiness

Hello everyone,
My name is Lien and I am the founder of I Love Hue Tour Company. Today it is my turn to express my feelings that how much I love my company and my amazing team.


Its me in our charity day

I remember when I started up the company on August 5th,2014, it was really hard and I faced many problems but I didn’t give up and I keep it up until now. All I can say is thank to many wonderful people have passed my life and supported me with what I am doing for my dreams. I feel so lucky to be born in this life. I Love Hue Tour was born from my love for Hue city in Vietnam and I built it up already 2 years. Happily, the company is growing fast because we all work with our passions and I am so grateful to have an amazing team who always support me and make my life become much better.


The team is cooking so hard in the picture xx

Today is the day I will never forget and I had tears in my eyes when I was looking my team working for our volunteer event. It is a hot day on Sep 4th,2016, my team woke up super early to prepare our event as free meal for poor patients in the Hue hospital. We divided in two groups to manage everything that one group went go to the hospital at 7:00am to give the tickets for patients and other group went to Thuy’s house ( one of the member of I Love Hue Team) to cook at 6:00am. Thuy is an amazing chef in our team that she prepared and set up all the menu for vegetarian meal and planned to go to the market by herself few days before. When we all came to her house everything was ready and we just started to cook together follow her instructions. I can not say enough how much grateful I have her in my team that have made me feel so proud with what she does for I Love Hue Tour Company.


We all are so happy together

During the time we all were cooking together, we had a lot of fun by sharing many funny stories and joking each others that make the team become closer and I felt so emotional. I keep remind myself that I have to keep going and build the company become really successful because of my team. They all are my real inspirations and always motivate me to develop the company everyday. Dear my team, I do not know why but when I am writing this post, I can not hold my tears but I know this is a real happiness so I can let my tears come out. Today is such an emotional day for me that when I was looking all of you guys cooked, ran around and planned everything for our volunteer day, I can not say enough how much happy I am now. I love you guys so much and I will try to develop the company more and more not only because of me but also because of you. I will try to be the model of your life and you always say to me. At 9:30am, we all finished cooking and the food ready in the boxes; my team carried all the food on the motorbike and went to the hospital. All the patients were waiting us for the free meal from our loves. We were cooking wonderful vegetarian food by our loves.. When we gave the food to the patients, all of them were so happy and it have made us felt happy as well. I still remember a patient came back and cried. She told us “ the meal is so great and I am happy that you guys are young but have passion in helping community as poor people like us “. Oh my god!!! I was really emotional when the lady was saying to us like that. In my mind, I kept telling myself that I will do more and more thing like this for people because this is my happiness and make my life become so wonderful.

14206072_547532542096593_5288595163210719662_o hue-charity

Thanks my amazing team. I love you <3

 At 10:30am, we all finished our charity work and in our faces appear full of happiness since all the people around feel happy and told us that we are young but we have big loves for people. After that, we all ran to eat lunch, we all forgot our breakfast because of waking up too early to prepare everything. We all felt so hungry after the charity time, we came to a vegetarian restaurant and enjoy the meal together with a lot of talks. I looked at my team and their bright eyes are full of happiness, they all kept saying to me that “ dear sis, I am so happy today” . I just kept smile and told them that I will keep going to inspire you all being a great person in life. Our day has finished so wonderful and I took a wonderful nap after that. Lol.

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Thanks for all amazing works, my dream team <3
All I can say is thank you so much Thuy and I Love Hue Team for what you have done with I Love Hue Tour, I have been crying today from your works. Just a small thing and we all can make some different things for life. We are the best team and I promise that I will build an amazing company with u all in the future. Be with me and we all will build a better community in tourism from our young generation. Love you as always.