Banh beo nam loc

Hue, the ancient capital of Vietnamese last feudal system – Nguyen Dynasty, is famous for its rich culture, especially Hue Cuisine. When taking Hue street food tour, you will have a chance to experience the royal custom not only from the remaining buildings but also from the royal cuisine here. Many dishes in Hue now use to be exclusive for the royal only, but now, as there is no longer a feudal system, now everyone can enjoy the best of Hue cuisine.


Hue Beo Cake

Hue cuisine

The literal translation of Banh Beo is “water fern cake” as its shape is similar to a water fern. Each Beo Cake is a one-bite piece which is round and flat. It is purely white because its main ingredient is rice flour. The topping includes minced shrimps, fried pork skin, and scallion. People eat Beo Cake with mild sweet fish sauce. Since Banh Beo is very small, we often eat it as a snack, not for full.

Hue Nam Cake

Hue cuisine

Banh Nam, or Nam Cake, is another Hue signature dish. Its flavor is stronger than Beo Cake, even though it was made from the same ingredients: Rice flour, pork, shrimps, and scallion. Banh Nam is covered in layers of the banana leaf, steamed for 10 minutes, and served with sweet fish sauce. When customers try Banh Nam, they will uncover the leaves, add some teaspoon of sweet fish sauce and enjoy.

Hue Loc Cake

Hue cuisine

Loc Cake is made from tapioca, a kind of flour which people extract from cassava root. Clear tapioca is the special ingredient that only exists in Hue. Loc Cake’s filling is salty shrimps and pork. People also covered it in banana leaves and steamed it for 10 to 15 minutes. Although Loc Cake and Nam Cake seem to be similar, their flavor is very distinguished.

Hue Ram It

Hue cuisine

Ram It is a special tasty dish of Hue traditional food. It consists of 2 parts, the crispy part, and the soft part, which represent Ying and Yang. Both parts are made of rice flour, but they have different recipes. The perfect combination of soft and hard, of Ying and Yang, create a balanced flavor which definitely won’t disappoint the customers.


You can find Hue traditional restaurants anywhere in Hue city, however, it is not easy to know which the best ones are. Try There are several restaurants which could impress any visitor right at their first try.

Hue cuisine

  1. Ba Do Restaurant (Mrs. Red Restaurant): 8 Nguyen Binh Khiem, Hue
  2. A Dinh Restaurant: 148 Nguyen Hue, Hue
  3. Chi’s Restaurant: 52 Le Viet Luong, Hue
  4. 109 Restaurant: 109 Le Huan, Hue
  5. Beo Nam Loc Me Le: 104/17/19 Kim Long

People said that if you visited Hue but haven’t tried Beo – Nam – Loc – Ram It Cake, it means you never visited Hue at all. So let’s open your mind and new things, experience the Hue cuisine with our Hue city and local food tour and feel like a King.

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