How Being a Hue Lady Biker Has Changed Me
hue lady biker

Today we glad to share some thoughts from our beloved Hue lady biker – Nhu Nguyen. As a social enterprise tourism company, we always love to hear from our customers as well as from our employees about their experiences with I Love Hue tour. In addition, we hope that our team can create great memories as well as changes. Hence, it is our pleasure to know our lady bikers have grown up after joining the team.

hue lady biker

“Day by day, the job next to friendly people, make me feel awesome, become more adult behind “ciu” manager’s complains with powerfull CEO girl and the little girls are independable.
Everyday is a trip around here where i was born, with lovely foreign friends who always saying me: “I Love Hue”.
Regardless of rain or shine, we always give smile each other with “crazy” emotion, free style, because Rain is only water, and “at least my tomatoes will be happy” on a Sunny day.
Come with us, you always hear about the legend exciting stories by little girls, with ” baby bamboo” , ” baby mountain”, “double chairs”, only one magic, etc.

A potential environmental more develop in the future with big dream of young girl. I believe u

Pssst, just you know, don’t say anyone. ^^!”

Nhu Nguyen – A young Hue lady biker of I Love Hue Tour

hue lady biker

Nhu Nguyen is a third-year student of Hue College of Economic. At the beginning of the year, she set her goal to be able to speak English this year. However, she could not find any opportunity to practice speaking English with native speakers in her college. Therefore, she believes her job as a lady biker in I Love Hue tour is probably a life-changing experience, as she not only improved her English skills but also met many amazing friends from all over the world. Now even though she is an economic student, her passion for Hue and Hue tourism is growing day by day.


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