Million Thanks to a Family Has Made Me Grow – I Love Hue Tour

I Love Hue Tour is where I have learned so many things. Today is a day I would love to express my feeling how I fall in love with the job and the company.


My full name is Le Thi Phuong Thuy, I am a student at Hue University College of Foreign Language. I am working in I Love Hue Tour Company as a lady biker and a tour guide. Young people like me are often marked by discovery journeys, travel trips. Many people told me that you like to travel so tour guide job is the right choice. In fact, it is not so, when you got the job, you started to realize loving travel and working travel are two completely different things. Love to travel is just one of the conditions of working in the tourism. Go and explore for a long life, each road, each region, everything has its own story. This job requires me to be passionate and loving your job, effort, enthusiasm, energy, soft skills in life … so I was a completely unqualified person not converging one of those conditions before. It’s must say that I am a genuine Hue girl, I keep myself a distance with strangers,  kind of person of very few words, rarely smile, passive and so on,… The scores I achieve in my school are not high either. Sometimes, seeing my parents working hard to help me cover part of my tuition fee, and I feel pretty sad because my results are not what they expected.

I am in the left side – Thuy ( Cindy)



The job came to me quite changed when I was introduced through my friend. Desiring to improve my English I do not hesitate to apply for this job. The job has been giving me the opportunities to practice English speaking skill, and especially to raise my confidence. I still remembered the first time I joined the tour, it was a special day in new year eve. Groups of tourists consist of 7 to 8 people, I don’t remember clearly. In that tour, I made a lot of mistakes when I driving, such as I lost my team, I drove passing the whole crew, I haven’t introduced many monuments landscapes in Hue and ability I spoke English at that time was terrible. Fortunately, the passenger who accompanied with me was a young man, a funny guy. He also understands a certain aspect of my work so he didn’t mind it at all. The tour was quite fun, the lady biker team and the travel group celebrated the New Year, it will be a memory that I will never forget.


Since I am joining the company so far, I have met so many people. Among them were Aby and Ms.Lien. Without them, a part of me would never change, especially Lien, an intelligent, the strongest woman that I have ever met. She always knows how to put the role of a woman on top, a modern and successful female model and moreover she always understands the mentality of her team while they working together.  A person always reminds us of the community and being a better person in life. She has inspired us a lot . I am very thankful Ms. Lien for giving me a chance to join in this company, I can not say how lucky I am to be the member in this tour and Ms. Aby for training me to be a professional tour guide and be the great person who I am. We are family and we will build a better world in the future. I believe in our passions and a special leader,Ms.Lien.

Our volunteer day has made me feel very happy

Joining Hue Motorbike Tour with active lady bikers like us is the best way to explore every corner of our beautiful city, Hue <3.




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