Traveling by motorbike with I Love Hue Tour -why you should give it a try!!
A lady biker is taking a guest on the road

For many travelers and adventurers, it’s kind a interesting and ridiculous to join in traffic in Asia country like Vietnam, Thailand, China or India, etc. The roads in these country, especially those in big and dynamic cities are always full of cars, buses, trucks, etc and all of them, one after one flow like a stream, sometimes they all stuck during the rush hours and it takes a lot of time to get out of this crowd. As a result, people in these countries especially in Hue, Vietnam mainly move by motorbike and public buses instead of using car, which takes of a lot of space and easily causes traffic jam. Motorbike in Vietnamese people’s thinking is the best choice for them to move from district to district, from town to town unstoppably and quickly. And the truth is that a number of travelers also choose to ride motorbike as their first and only choice to discover Hue beauty. So why do their do so? Why don’t they try open tour bus or car or something else? Today, Hue’ by motorbike tours will make it clear for you by telling you the 3 main reasons why you should take Hue lady rider from our service.

  • Freedom

The first reason why there are so many tourists book motorbike tours is that you can freely enjoy the scene as well as the view. You can see the road in front of you and the beautiful scenery to your left and right. The view through the window of a bus or train just doesn’t compare to this obviously.

  • Safety

The second reason is that traveling by motorbike is safe especially when you have a good local rider. Believe or not, in Hue we are allowed to drive motorbike at only 24.85 mph- for the highest speed. That means it’s quite slow and nothing to worry with accident and it is easy to solve any problems. If you do not have a riding license or even how to drive two wheels, don’t worry my friends, I love Hue tour offer you Hue riders who is very good at driving and guiding tour. Wearing your helmet and Hue tours will take you to the new experience.

  • Flexibility

The third reason is freedom and flexibility. The freedom of traveling by motorbike is unmatched. You can do whatever you want and you are not confined to anyone’s schedule but your own. You can just take that interesting side road you just passed, you can have a snack at that unique road stop which you can go straight ahead or pull over to say hello to that group of smiling children who have been happily waving at you. You can eat where and when you want, you can stop as often as you want and you can take many photos as well. Once you have arrived at your new destination, you can easily turn back to the former if you forget your back. Can you do this when you travel by bus?




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