Hue Night Market- the Special Hue Attraction You Shouldn’t Miss
hue night market

Night markets are a popular cheap shopping place all over Asia, and that of Vietnam’s picturesque is no exception. Hue night market is a special attraction which combines not only long-standing traditional culture but also the modern style which the young people fall in love. Let’s explore together this special Hue attraction!

Overview about Hue night market

Located at Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, along Perfume  River comprise a row of 11 ancient houses and vendor shop.  Coming to this special Hue attraction, you can walk around, enjoy street food and talk with local people who are quite friendly and hospitable. The night market opens every night from 5 pm to 11 pm. It attracts so many customers in the Spring because on this occasion there are a lot of festivals so people create new appearance for their stores

The bargain is not popular in the western countries, but in Vietnam it really is. Bargaining is always worthwhile that is accumulated in the daily life. The following tips are so useful for foreigners when shopping in Viet Nam.

It is not difficult for foreigner tourists to discuss the price with the owner. Your strongest weapons are your smile and friendliness. Everybody likes a polite and gracious person so you can buy some cheap things without haggling

If you like something, let show the owner know that it is not necessary for you to buy. You do not need to persuade to reducing the price, on the contrary, the shopper will give you some discount to attract you. It is useful to go with local friends, who know clearly about what is the best food or how to bargain with owners.

Enjoy amazing Hue street food

A night market is an interesting place where you not only relax fresh air from Perfume river but also enjoy special food of Hue. Variety of dishes with color with colorful ingredients attract both the locals and tourist to eat. If you want to enjoy Hue specialties, I proudly introduce to you some rustic dishes like Loc cake, Beo cake, mussel rice. Especially, with its distinctive flavor and extremely tasty, Bun Bo Hue originated from the ancient capital of Hue, but visitors can still find it from sidewalk stalls to affordable restaurants.


Hue night market - bánh lọcLoc cake


Hue night market - Cơm hếnMussel rice

                  Hue night market - bún bòBun Bo

 If you are the fan of sweet, there are also so many choices for you, of which sweet soup is suggested as a must-try dish. Besides, the delicious smell of snacks from vendor shops stimulate people to enjoy more that cannot forget for the first taste. Moreover, it is so interesting that tourists can watch directly a process how people make a break or mango shake. There is no more relaxing than walking around Hue night market and enjoy Hue sweet soup – one of the best Hue food.

Visit Top Hue street food only local know to get more information. Or you can book Hue Street food tour to explore more delicious food here. And if you are vegetarian lovers, you also enjoy Hue vegetarian food tour.

Hue night market - chèSweet soup


What you should do in Hue night market

At Hue night market, you can do a lot of interesting things like a people here. You can go alone, with your friends or your family and enjoy the fresh air from Huong river. Or taking part in amazing activities such as becoming a hip hop dancer in street performance area, seeing a royal show and experiencing dragon boat on Huong river. This is worth to try in this special Hue attraction.

Street performance area

Hue night market also features an area dedicated to street art. Youth groups from high schools or universities practice and perform their hobbies here, such as hip-hop dancing, singing and playing a lot of instruments.  Along with two roadsides, artists devote their time with talented hands to give the customer the best pictures. Or some people act immovable statue for visitors can come and take the photos with them. They are quite good, fun to watch and generally worth your time. During traditional holidays you can marvel at traditional art performances as well.

Immovable satue

Dragon boat

When you are at the Hue night market, not only you can watch the street performance but you can enjoy the special transportation in Hue – dragon boat. This is one of the most popular means of transportation used for royal families. Nowadays, people turn it into entertainment service to provide the demand of tourists. The routine of the activity is every day from 8 am to 11 pm. While sitting on the boat, visitors can enjoy the fresh air and see the sight of the two side of Perfume river. Sometimes we can hear the Vietnamese traditional folk which is sung by fishermen in their relaxing time.

Dragon boat

Royal show

 Are you interested in the historical and cultural features? Do you want to know more about the culture of Vietnam through Vietnam traditional costume? If yes, you can’t miss this opportunity. After walking around Hue night market, the special Hue attraction, you can enjoy the Royal Show nearby. In this special show, tourists are so amazing to understand the king’s history, as well as the customs of the royal city. Hundreds of the traditional clothes, which are sewed by professional designers all over the country, are performed. Moreover, you can know more clearly about sense of symbol embroidered on each costume by taking an interesting tour with our lady biker in Hue night.

Ao Dai show


It’s a night market, so finding high-quality handicrafts and souvenirs might be an interesting thing. There are so many beautiful souvenirs such as palm-leaf conical hats, brocade, and traditional clothes which are decorated in the unique stores for tourist to select easily. Especially, you can have portraits painted by the street artists within 30 minutes. Besides, if you walk around the area, you may find the best keepsakes to present to your family and friends. The young woman in a long dress or small wooden cyclo are souvenirs the tourist like best to buy.


To sum up, if you gonna visit Hue, don’t forget to take note these interesting info about Hue night market. I can say for sure that you have the memorable time to discover this Hue attraction. Or you can take a special tour with Lady bikers  from I LOVE HUE, who are very friendly and enthusiastic to provide our tourists. If you are interested in any other places, tours or delicious food in Vietnam, visit I love Vietnam tour to get more information.