Hue Savory Crispy Crepe
hue savory crepe

Hue Savory Crispy Crepe is a popular dish for local people from young and old people, especially teenagers because it is suitable for their pocket money. It also has another name is “Banh Ep” in Vietnamese. This dish has appeared in Hue for 10 years, but it still keeps its reputation until now. Hue savory crispy crepe is small and its price is from 1000 dong to 2000 dong each one. It is popular with delicious and diverse flavors such as pork, beef, pate, eggs, …

Hue Savory Crispy Crepe has 2 types like soft cake and dry cake. Most tourists would like to enjoy soft cake when it’s still hot. This is a reason why the soft cake is more common. Besides, it is more easy and convenient to do than dry cake. To make a dry cake, cookers have to spend much time processing. Thuan An Beach in Hue city is the most famous place selling Hue savory crispy crepe (both soft and dry cake)


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How to make Hue Savory Crispy Crepe

Step 1: Cassava flour is stuffed with water, wait a while, we cut it into small pieces which have square or round nearly 4cm.

– Wash lean meat, then chop the meat and put in a large bowl.

– Peel garlic and onion. Then beat them, minced and marinated with meat. Rinse fresh ginger, chopped and put in a bowl, then add some salt, sugar and seasoning.

– After that, mix the mixture so that the meat soak with the spice for 10-15 minutes.

– Crack the egg into a bowl, stirring with a little chopped green onion.

Step 2:  Wash cucumber and carrots and make into a fiber. Wash raw vegetables with salt water and drain.


Step 3: Make sauce: Add sugar, fish sauce, chopped garlic and minced ginger into a small bowl and stir well. Chilli is chopped and put into it.

Step 4: Prepare the cast iron molds, burn the charcoal stove to heat the mold, then put a prepared filter paste with a layer of lean meat and then press the two pieces of aluminum each other. Wait a moment and then open, pour on top of the cake with a layer of chicken eggs and chopped green onions, then continue to press for a moment, quickly open.


Step 5: Take the cake to the plate with herbs, sauce and pickle including carrot and papaya.



Some famous addresses of Hue Savory Crispy Crepe

  1. 20 Restaurant – 20 Nguyen Du street

This is one of the most delicious restaurants in Hue. Most teenagers choose this restaurant to enjoy with their friends after school.

  1. Gia Di Restaurant – 101 Ba Trieu street

This is the most popular and longest restaurant in Hue. Although this restaurant is located in the centre of city, seller takes ingredients to make soft cake and packets of dry cake from Thuan An Beach.


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