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  • Traveling around Hue on the back of the bike
  • Discovering the history of Hue city
  • Enjoying local cuisines at lunch


  • Lady Bikers
  • Meal at A Local Restaurant
  • Drink at the coffee shop
  • I Love Hue T-shirt


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Traveling with local food is one of the highlight activities for any visitor. In Hue, local people are creative at cooking food because they had to serve the kings in the past. Nowadays, people cook many dishes to sell in local stores and our Hue Street Food Tour is guiding you to enjoy these local specialties.

Hue Street Food Tour By Scooter is a fun activity during the nighttime. We are experiencing the tasty cuisines while traveling in Hue by visiting five different local restaurants. There are various foods on our tour you will try such as Hue royal cakes, Hue pancakes, Hue noodle soup with beef, Hue BBQ, and Hue sweet dessert.

Let’s discover Hue on two wheels at night with our best guides in the city. 

Beo, Nam, Loc cakes

  • Pick our clients at the hotel and introduce the Hue Street Food Tour itinerary.
  • Our first stop is “ Beo, Nam, Loc” cakes which are Hue royal cakes. These delicious dishes are starters for your food adventures. We lead you to a hidden restaurant to try this speciality. 

Hue mini pancake - “ Khot cake"

We continue to take you to go enjoy Hue mini pancake – “ Khot cake” . This is a unique dish that most of our travelers enjoy. The cake is made from rice flour, shrimp and pork. This crunchy cake is an ideal gastronomy for you to eat with rice paper and green vegetables. 


The Hue BBQ

We will take you to enjoy the Hue BBQ at a local restaurant. Here, you also will try the local beer. At this destination, our local guide will order several yummy BBQ dishes and cook for you locally. Young people in Hue usually hang out with friends at night here.


Hue vermicelli noodle soup with beef

Our next stop will be Hue vermicelli noodle soup with beef. The most famous and healthy food you cannot miss once visiting Hue. A bowl of noodle soup with many interesting ingredients will fill up your stomach. This dish is popular for locals to eat for breakfast. Our local guide will share a brief story about this flavorful food. 


Sweet Dessert - Chè

Our final destination of the food tour in hue is a sweet dessert which is called “ Chè” in Vietnamese. This special dessert is made from many ingredients, normally it has 20 different kind of sweet soup. Here, you will have an opportunity to try a glass of mix different kind of beans, banana, taro, coconut, fruits, stickyrice ball, etc…. This is the best local drink in the town where locals hang out.

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