Hue Buddhist Tour is one of the most special activities we would like to introduce you about Buddhism in Vietnam. Exploring the Buddhist culture in Hue is the best way to know how the Vietnamese people love this religion especially in Hue city.

Why should you choose this tour?

There are many different religions in the world and they bring special cultures of the country. In Vietnam, Buddhist is our main religion and we are so proud to have this religion since it makes our minds become so peaceful. Especially in Hue, where 90 percent of the population follow Buddhism, there are hundreds of pagodas and vegetarian restaurants. Therefore, the Buddhist belief and culture in Hue are developed to the highest level. There are plenty of activities and festival each year which are related to Buddhism.

A Buddhist person should never be greedy, always help other people, respect everyone, and always be able to forgive. Buddhist people often have a vegetarian diet since the Buddhist forbid human to kill other creatures. In short, Buddhism is a peaceful religious which guide people become nicer and better.

Highlights of Hue Buddhist Tour

Hue is a special city for Buddist in Vietnam and there are hundred of pagodas with different beautiful architectures. Exploring the Buddhist culture in Hue is the best way to know how the Vietnamese people love this religion especially in Hue city. Coming with the Buddhist Tour in Hue you will have an amazing time to relax and explore the peace in mind of Buddhist culture. Moreover, you can find peace in your mind as well, since it is never too much to learn about a new culture.

Let’s come with I Love Hue Tour, we are going to explore not only every corner of Hue pagodas but also the Hue vegan cuisines, the way of meditation, the zen tea to have a pure moment after long time immersed in life. The Buddhism world is a whole different world, they have a special perspective which can always surprise people who first encounter. Try our Hue Buddhist Tour and get to know the real Vietnamese Buddhism.


Visiting our videos in I Love Hue Tour Channel to see clearly about our experiences on this tour.

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“RAIN  is only WATER, Do not worry about it because I Love Hue Tour is here with you ”

Hue buddhist tour



Picking up our amazing guests from hotel and talk about the program.


Our tour will start with us by enjoying an amazing Zen tea in Hue old house.


There are more than hundred of pagodas in Hue because this is a buddish city. Firstly, we will guide you to explore the Thien Mu pagoda to understand about the history of buddhism of Vietnam.


We continue to visit the local pagoda where the female monks are living for helping people by opening free tayloring class, embroidery class, computer class.

Additionally, the nuns will also teach us how to meditate, how to walk in mindfulness.

Then we will have lunch together there, too.



The next place will be the garden pagoda in Hue to see and enjoying peaceful time with mountains, trees, rivers and lakes. That’s is the best natural place…


We are going to visit the last pagoda where you can see the Thai architecture. In this pagoda, we will show you how different the pagoda in Vietnam and Thailand are.


Finish the Hue Buddhism Tour and drop our wonderful guests in the hotel and say ” see you again”.
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February 24, 2017

This was the best tour I’ve ever done. The team was amazing, thank you! Aby my tour leader had great English skills and was so passionate and knowledgeable about Hue. The Pagoda visits were fantastic and the opportunity to talk and interaction with the local community and nuns were such a unique and memorable experience! Thank you!!

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