Hue Vegetarian Food Tour is the best thing I have done

What a great tour! No one else had booked the tour for that night, but instead of cancelling due to lack of people, Lien, the owner of the company took me around herself. She had given her staff off for the Tet holiday. She took me to three local vegetarian restaurants, the first two which I most likely wouldn’t have found on my own. Afterwards she took me to a wonderful little local coffee shop where I had the best coffee of Vietnam.

The only problem was because there was no one besides me on the tour there was too much food to eat. I did feel bad wasting it. I wish my stomach was bigger! I think this shouldn’t be a problem if you do the tour with another person or group though.

Not only was the food great, Lien is such an inspiring young woman. In her early 20’s she runs a successful socially responsible business and is even an ambassador to Vietnam on trips abroad. She donates some of the profits from the tours to a local poor family so they can have health insurance, and two orphanages. One of which is for people with disabilities. She even taught her staff sign language. She treats her staff well and cares more about others then making profits.

I highly recommend this tour to anyone who wants to try some delicious authentic Vietnamese vegetarian cuisine and at the same time support an ethical business that gives back to the community.


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