I Love Hue Tour Is Going Global With I Love Asia

This May, we are excited to take the first step of our journey to the world with our next project: I LOVE ASIA. As one of 11 most promising tourism startups in 2017, we are going to Cambodia in 5th May 2017 to beat the competition and win the grand for our I LOVE ASIA project.

The Startup Accelerator programme

I Love Hue Tour in the Startup competition in Hue

We received the invitation from Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office (MTCO) and the Mekong Business Initiative (MBI) to join the Startup Accelerator programme. With our great visions and amazing business model, we are proud to participate in the Bootcamp of MIST Startup Accelerator from 5th to 7th May 2017 in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Now, all we need to do is being more outstanding than other startups and making the world acknowledge our amazing team. We will have to face competitors from other countries like Myanmar and Cambodia, so it would be a wonderful opportunity for us to share and learn from other nations.

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From I Love Hue Tour

Ms.Nguyen Thi Huong Lien – The CEO of I Love Hue Tour

Miss Nguyen Thi Huong Lien, A young ambassador for women and the CEO of I Love Hue Tour started the female motorbike tour and also the first social enterprise in Hue in 2014 when she was only in her 3rd year of university. With only 100 USD and her deep passion, the I Love Hue Tour become a great success. After 2 years, the I Love Hue Team now have 25 lady bikers from all Hue University, and the I Love Hue Tour is also the first ranking tour on TripAdvisor. There are many reasons for our success. Firstly, traveling on a motorbike is the best and unique way to enjoy the day in an Asian country. Secondly, traveling with local lady riders make it feel safer and more fun, and this is what make our company so special.

End year charity event at the orphanage

Moreover, we also have connections with many social centers and NGOs. Our charity tour is the only tour in Hue which brings tourist from all over the world to the social centers and orphanages and helping people there. In addition, many charity organizations are in our other tours such as the HOPE center and the Peaceful Bamboo Family coffee shop. We also want to raise awareness of people about the deaf-mute community, so we always try to teach sign language to our customers. We help the community, and this is also a reason to make us so unique and different.

To I Love Vietnam

i love asia
I Love Hoi An Tour

But Miss Lien’s vision and dream do not stop here, she wants to do something greater, she wants to change the world. Since I Love Hue Tour is not only about revenue, but also to support local business, contribute to the community and empower women, the more places we have our tour, the many people will be helped. The interesting part is that we localized the company to whenever we go. Therefore, from I Love Hue, we are going to have I Love Vietnam. The first brand of “I Love Vietnam” that Miss Lien opened early of this year is I Love Hoi An Tour. With only 2 months, now I Love Hoi An Tour have lots of impressive success.  We now have 10 lady bikers and many excellent reviews on TripAdvisor. The future of a successful I Love Vietnam is near.

Become an international company with I Love Asia project

The amazing Team of I Love Hue Tour

The I Love Asia project is a big step of I Love Hue Tour, it shows that women can do great things and can change the world. With our talent, enthusiasm, and passion, we prove to the world the strong effect of women power. “Woman can do anything! We can archive great success with our passion, and we can help many people with our kind hearts!” those are the words that are always spoken in our company. That is why we have strong belief that I Love Asia will be another great success, we can empower many other women and support other countries with our business model. The first countries will be our neighbors: Laos and Cambodia.

This will be a challenging opportunity, but we love to take on a challenge. Therefore, whatever the result of this competition is, it is undoubted that we will learn many things from this competition and grow a lot. However, we are very confident on our social enterprise, and we believe that our I LOVE ASIA project will be a big success in the near future. We make people love wherever they go, with our women power and passion, one day, everyone will say “I Love The World”


April 26, 2017
Nothing is impossible! Do your best I love Hue Team <3

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