I have became a different person from growing up in this family

My name is Phuong and I have been working for I Love Hue Tour since 4 months. I still remember that I had an interview before and I can get in the company later. Meeting Ms.Abi for the interviewing have made me feel so comfortable since she was so friendly and the most important thing of the interview wasn’t english skills, it was passion as she said. I felt happy to pass the interview.

After that, I had a meeting with the founder, Ms.Lien, for the meeting. Surprisingly, I was impressed by her attitude with lovely smiles and amazing english speaking. She was inspiring me through her conversation. I still remember one thing I do not forget about her talk that “ I am creating an environment for you guys to be creative and confident, you all will see the value of working here to be a great human in life” . I was super excited to join this company with expectation as improving english in my first thinking. Time has flied, it has been 4 months being as a member in I Love Hue family that make me feel happy whenever I work. The leader motivated and cared us a lot, I felt this is the real environment for me to develop myself as I wanted to be more confident.


Its me in our charity day ( I am with the glasses)

Now I realize that I become mature and confident than before especially my English is much better. I have been learning many things from my team and my leader. Thanks to them that I have found orientation for my passion.

The best memory I will never forget is on October 2nd, 2016. My team and I had a trip go to A Luoi where the ethnic people in Hue are living. In Vietnam, the ethnic people are really poor and we would love to help them for our charity day. In I Love Hue Tour Company, every month we organize charity events for the team. The leader said “ I want you guys realized that how lucky we are in this life so I will make the charity event every months”. I was so excited when the leader said we will make the trip to ethnic village for supporting a disadvantaged family.


My team <3 

Before the charity day, we collected secondhand clothes and some items for people in A Luoi. Thanks for all amazing people have donated to me for making this amazing trip happened. It was a sunny day on October 2nd, we woke up early morning prepare a trip. I was so excited for this trip and was the first person came to Ms.Lien ‘s house even I woke her up for caring all stuffs in our charity day. It was so funny. At 7:00am, all the team was on time and we started our trip to A Luoi. It took us 3 hours to get there. I will never forget the bus time in the trip that we had a ot of laugh together by chatting gossips. Oh my god, I love gossips too much. Haha. I felt the team be close together by this time and it made me have special feeling. I was a funny girl in the trip because I like A Luoi and the team laughed at me so much. They said I could marry someone there so they all can come back for the wedding. Lol. What a crazy team! But I love them anyways.


We had conversation with family

Finally, we arrived A Roang village in A Luoi town. We came to visit a poor family which have a girl lost the memory because of the fever. In the beginning, I didn’t understand about the situation but after that I even was crying when I saw the family situation. They are so poor and did not have money to send the daughter to hospital for checking the brain every month. When I looked at the girl, I felt like she has mental problem from the fever. I even didn’t think fever can make you lost memory before. I was so shocked.


I was touch when the family was crying

I was so emotional when the family was crying that made me appreciate with what our team have done so far for people. We brought donations, clothes and food for the family. Especially, I was surprise when they gave us box of special rice and fruits to bring back home even they from really poor family. I felt how amazing the people here are. Thinking about my life that how lucky I am to have a better condition of living. During the conversation with family, I was impressed by the girl by her singing. She was singing with really high voice and I don’t think I can do it though. Looking at her, my tears just came out and asked God that “ why her life has changed like this way” . Honestly, I was really sad and thinking a lot. Spending 3 hours with the family, my team continue to go to one of member of the team to have lunch as well as visiting her Mom. I felt my leader is awesome that she cares every single people in the team. I am too lucky to be a part of this team. We were cooking and singing with guitar together in our colleague’s house. It was too much fun and it was a memorable day I couldn’t forget. In life, I feel that the most important thing the leader have taught me is happiness and I am learning so much thing from her.


My amazing team 

We came back Hue city pretty late but we also had a meeting in our office for sharing feelings. The leader is always inspiring us and make us realized that how lucky we have her in life. I am really happy and lucky while working with I love Hue Tour. I want to share this story to you to express my feeling that I am in the right environment to develop and create myself. Thanks all for having been so amazing to me.


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