Why I Love Hue Tour Is the Best Hue Motorbike Tour


I and my family were going to book a tour in I Love Hue Tour company. However, we were attracted by them through our first tour. And then we booked other tours for our trip. In my opinion, these are 5 reasons why I Love Hue Tour is the best motorbike tour.

5 reasons why I Love Hue Tour is the best motorbike tour

Fun and enthusiasm

The first reason is that lady bikers of I Love Hue Tour are so funny and enthusiastic. It is sure that you will smile during the tour. Lady bikers always tell some jokes about their life, our life, and even history. Actually we are happy when having great tours with them. Especially, lady bikers are young women, so they are passionate. We came to the first site which took 10km from this place to our hotel. However, my father forgot his phone at the hotel, and they were still happy when he asked them to return the hotel to take his phone.


Good background knowledge

The second reason is their background knowledge. We admire them who are informative, as they do not know only the culture and history of their country but also other’s. They introduced us to all things about their country.

The first social enterprise tourism company

The third reason is that I Love Hue Tour is the first social enterprise tourism company in Hue city. The company will extract 2 dollars each tour to donate for deaf and disabled people, and orphanage children. We really like their thought, because their main aim is for charity.


Great attractions and enjoying the local food

The four reason is great attractions and enjoying the local food on the street-side. They led us to wonderful places which have the unique architecture and outstanding views in order to visit. We tasted special foods which the local people processed sophisticatedly.


The safety for guests

The last reason is the safety for guests. We are really so scared when making a decision to travel around Hue city by motorbike. However, we do not regret our decision thanks to cute lady bikers. They ensured us the safety by the helmet and the professional bikers.




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