Lô gô TT HY Vọng

Hope Center is a non-governmental organization in Hue which is helping the disabled people in Hue have vocational training. I Love Hue Tour feels so honor by making co-operation with Hope Center to build many community projects in tourism so we can support each others and building our passions for community become true. The Hope Center started its first year with a few donated sewing machines and nowhere to go with them! Minimal available budget prevented them from being able to afford premises so they successfully begged to use some vacant rooms at the local radio station. This solution was short-lived though as after a year’s use of a few rooms they were moved out due to the building needing to be renovated. Where to now? After much searching they managed to secure some rooms in a building that was being used by the Department of Home Affairs. They settled there from 2000 – 2002. But even the use of this space was to be short-lived. The Department of Home Affairs had settled in a building belonging to a Vietnamese who had left the country with the Americans at the end of the War and was now living in the USA. At the end of 2002 the Vietnam Government decreed that many of these properties should be handed back to their original owners. I Love Hue Tour  can not wait for this amazing co-operation in the future.

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Footsteps Travel is a tourism company in Vietnam which support I Love Hue Tour to develop tours in Hue,Vietnam by paper works.  Thanks Footsteps Travel for supporting us and we hope we both will be amazing partners in the future.

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Ateliers Vincent Marie Oet Art Workshop is an amazing NGO from France that have made co-operation with I Love Hue Tour to develop the community projects. We feel so honor and happy to welcome this an amazing NGO can bring many wonderful ideas for building a better community in the future.