A Special Hue City Tour With 13 Beloved Visitors
13 guests and 13 lady bikers in the salty coffee shops

Through the special Hue community tour and city tour, I had an unforgettable trip with 13 guests who came from different countries such as Canada, The UK, New Zealand and so on. As for me, I am always interested in Hue city tour. So this is a big reason why I felt highly enthusiastic to bring special experiences for my visitors in I Love Hue Tour. I must say that this is my favorite tour so far.

Where did we go and what did we do in this special Hue city tour?

Hue City is an ancient capital of Viet Nam. Hue City is famous for not only its beauty but also spiritual values.  One of the best ways to enjoy Hue is to travel by motorbike. With our friendly and passionate lady riders, you will surely have an unforgettable memory. We will take you to the best places in Hue, learn about Hue customs, culture and even urban legend which you could not find in any book. Let me introduce to you this wonderful trip.


In the beginning of the tour, we came to pick our beloved customers up then we went to the cafe to enjoy the salty coffee together. The café has a cozy and peaceful atmosphere. Besides, the melodious tunes were extremely attractive. We sipped our salty coffee thoughtfully. We exchanged confidences about our countries, languages and so on. Moreover, the attentive yet discreet staff offer the warm welcome and incredible service. Through their eyes and smiles, I knew that they enjoyed the salty coffee a lot.



In this special Hue city tour, we visited many famous Hue attractions. Through this beautiful tour, we know more about the beauty of Hue. Let’s explore together!

Thuy Chanh VillageThe Hue City Tour

Yesterday It was a warm and sunny out.  I felt so happy because I believed that I would have a good time with my guests. Thanh Toan bridge is located in Thanh Thuy Chanh Village. It is surrounded by an abundance of green fields and waterways. It is not only beautiful but also tranquil. Thanh Toan tile-roofed bridge draws visitors from the city with its own particular charms. Besides Thanh Toan bridge, we visited the museum that villagers donated old farming tools and other things. These objects reminded them of a past life. Our visitors saw how to separate the rice from the plants and how to blow away husks using manual tools. They felt very highly enthusiastic in discovering the traditional village in Viet Nam. As for me, this was a great chance to introduce to visitors about Vietnamese values and traditional cultures.


Khai Dinh Tomb -The Hue City Tour

 After that, we went to the next place which is a unique historic architecture in Hue.  To be honest, I have a passion for ancient architectures. So that is a big reason I was so proud of introducing to our visitors about Khai Dinh tomb. Khai Dinh tomb is the most extravagant royal tombs in Hue. The constructions started in 1920 and took 11 years to finish. The tomb was built with modern materials and unique design blended between Asian and European styles.  To access the next part of the Hue Imperial Khai Dinh Tomb, we will have to climb other 29 steps. this is one of the most beautiful points of the visit, the courtyard of ceremonies. Khai  Dinh Tomb was so fantastic and attractive place. This was a big chance help our visitors who would broaden their knowledge about Viet Nam.

Thien Tam Restaurant

Leaving Khai Dinh tomb, we could easily realize the restaurant with 2 bamboo clumps and an ancient house which are typical for Hue beauty style. We would be surprised by the charming Van Quan Gate, the small romantic bridge led us to the ancient house which made from tiles of the North, a wood of the Central and bricks of the South showing the 3 parts combination of Vietnam. Also, the simple bamboo chairs or bamboo tables brings us closer to nature, pleasure, and relaxation. Coming to Thien Tam restaurant to enjoy the royal vegetarian different dishes. We savored a lot of different dishes such as mushroom soup, fried tofu with tomato, fried vegetable with mushroom and so on. Our visitors were incredibly satisfied with these dishes.

Vong Canh Hill and Tu Hieu Pagoda 

Continue the tour, we were going to the next place. Vong Canh hill is a peaceful and poetic hill among ancient features of Nguyen King’s royal tombs. Vong Canh hill is the naturally wonderful combination of river and hill. You can visit not only Vong Canh Hill, but also King’s royal tombs and famous temples near. Standing on the Vong Canh hill, you will have an overall sight with ancient relics and beautiful scenery of natural space around here, especially, the beauty of Huong River. The hill is the place that river and mountain gather to create a interesting space. We took a lot of photos together. I guarantee that these moments will be unforgettable memories.

Leaving this nice place, we were heading to the last place. Among thousands of pagodas, Tu Hieu Pagoda is one the most significant one. It has a long history and a meaningful background story which play an important part in Hue Buddhism. The entrance was built with dome and had the two colossal statues guarding the main gate of a pagoda. Besides, there has lotus lake. Two sides have stone stele to record the process of building this pagoda. By leader’s introduction, our visitors understood in depth Tu Hieu Pagoda’s history.


 What I Achieved After The Hue City Tour

During the Hue City Tour, I felt so happy and enjoyable. To be honest, our visitors made me a ton of motivations to develop myself. Through the tour, I broadened my knowledge and horizons. For example, I know more about other countries culture. How amazing they are! Our guests talk a lot with us and share a lot about their special features of each country. Together, we compare to Vietnam and find some similarities and well as some difference between us!


In Thuy Chanh village, we donated rice and some money to victims who suffered heavily in the last flood. I think that these activities relieved their anxieties. I felt so respectfully these moments because I saw the smiles on their faces. Especially, I knew that our activities were extremely meaningful.

 Besides, I learn more about the community. I must say that this trip was so splendid because I think more about people. Living in this beautiful life, we must have other people, we must share our love with the community to build a better world together. If you give other a bunch of flower, your fingers will have the perfume!
Let’s build a better community together!

Don’t hesitate to I LOVE HUE TOUR to have a lot of unforgettable memories with us.


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