It is hard to survive the summer in Hue without some really fresh drinks or cool sweets. Therefore, when the temperature rises to 35 to 40 degree Celcius, all you are looking for are Hue desserts to cool yourself down. As a royal city, Hue will not disappoint any visitor, as this is the land of

Hue Savory Crispy Crepe is a popular dish for local people from young and old people, especially teenagers because it is suitable for their pocket money. It also has another name is “Banh Ep” in Vietnamese. This dish has appeared in Hue for 10 years, but it still keeps its reputation until now. Hue savory

Hue Grilled Pork Noodle is a popular food in Hue, from young and old people choose this food for their lunch and dinner instead of a traditional meal. It is sold in small paper packages so that people can take it to other places conveniently and quickly. The ingredients of Hue Grilled Pork Noodle This dish includes

Vegetarian Food is one of the traditional foods in Hue city. These are the reasons why you should try to eat Hue Vegetarian Food. The first reason is that vegetarian food is popular The first reason is that vegetarian food is popular in Hue because most local people follow Buddhism. As Hue is also an

The introduce of Hue Mini Savory Pancake Hue Mini Savory Pancake is called “Banh Khot” in Vietnamese. If you tasted “Banh Xeo” in Vietnam before, it is sure that you would understand clearly about “Banh Khot”. “Banh Khot” is very similar to “Banh Xeo”, or Vietnamese Crepes. Nevertheless, Banh Xeo is much bigger and thinner

Vietnamese bread is one of the traditional foods in Vietnam. You can use it for breakfast, dinner, lunch or even snack. “Bread” has another Vietnamese name is “banh mi”. It is a popular food in Vietnam for all people – from young to old people, because it is seen as a fast food. Everyone can

Hue is a city which is famous for landscapes as well as special foods. It is more wonderful that Hue is a place having the best cuisine of Vietnam. Besides, Hue is an imperial city, so it is distinctive from other regions in Vietnam. Hue’s royal cuisine (foods served for the King) is the combination

Hue, the ancient capital of Vietnamese last feudal system – Nguyen Dynasty, is famous for its rich culture, especially Hue Cuisine. When taking Hue street food tour, you will have a chance to experience the royal custom not only from the remaining buildings but also from the royal cuisine here. Many dishes in Hue now use

You probably knew about pancake, a popular dish in the world. However, in Hue food tours, you will discover a unique, extraordinary pancake which you never taste before. Hue savory pancake, or Banh Khoai, is the signature specialty originated in Hue, which you should never miss.

I messaged the company only the night before I wanted to do the Hue City Tour and Local Food, and it was no problem even with the short notice. So great customer service! I enjoyed this tour a lot, visited a lot of interesting places and learned a lot about Vietnamese culture. A great way