Tay Linh Pagoda – the Famous Pagoda in Hue

Hue city, is the cradle of Buddhism in Vietnam, is well-known for many beautiful pagodas. Tay Linh Pagoda is one of the most famous pagodas in Hue. This article will help you have more information about this pagoda.

tay linh pagoda

1. The introduction to Tay Linh Pagoda

Buddhist monks and Buddhist followers may not feel alienated from the Tay Linh Pagoda – a charitable foundation center of the Buddha School in Hue. However, most of all still know of Tay Linh Pagoda by Nhu Minh – the abbot of the pagoda and the vice president of the Central Committee of Buddhism in Thua Thien Hue. She is a close acquaintance with the miserable lives of the poorer provinces of Central Vietnam, stretching from Ha Tinh to Quang Nam – Da Nang. Nhu Minh told us: “She worked early in the days before 1975. She was a nun who was an assistant to the two older nuns – The Quan and Cat Tuong, when these two people took part in the work of Thua Thien Hue Buddhist Social Center. ”

tay linh pagoda
Nhu Minh nun – The abbot of Tay Linh Pagoda

Tay Linh Pagoda is located at 1 Ton Thuy Thuyet Street, Thuan Loc Ward, Hue City, a quiet temple surrounded by a lush garden. In the late 60s of last century, this place is only a small frame of a Buddhist nourishment with the sketchy property.

tay linh pagoda

It was not until 1977 when Nhu Minh was in charge of the abbot. Tay Linh Pagoda gradually formed with many solid constructions, spacious rooms. Over the years, it is also a free vocational training center for children of poor Buddhist families helping them integrate into the social community, especially children with disabilities.

2. Tay Linh Pagoda – A vocation training center

Over the difficult initial months, the vocational training of Tay Linh Pagoda has now had 3 classes. These classes specialize in teaching sewing, embroidery, knitting (civil and computer engineering) with a workshop for trainees and production.

tay linh pagoda

Not only vocational training, pagodas also organize for children to eat boarding. There are 136 students (females) and the total number of students in the 9th course (6months each) at the temple. Tay Linh Pagoda still has ability to take care of their lives and their nuns, both physically and intellectually. This requires the assurance, ingenuity and the ability to run of the nun – the rector of Tay Linh pagoda. Assisting the principal, there is a human component (paid work) consisting of 4 teachers and a chef.

At the practice workshop, girls between the ages of 12 and 20 are gathering around young nuns, making butterfly embroideries…  Another group is embracing the embroidery frame and meticulously going by the needle. And they try to express the “spirit” in the embroidery picture to look alive. Seeing the hard work of the trainees, visitors are not impressed by the talent and patience of Vietnamese women.

In conclusion, buddhists and other loyal supporters alike adored Tay Linh Pagoda, because this place is a regular departure point for relief trips not only in Hue city, but also in remote areas far away.

tay linh pagoda

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August 25, 2017
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