Love From Our Dearest Customer to the Best Food Tour in Hue
best food tour in Hue

One of the main reason why our lady biker team are so passionate about this job is the great support from our amazing customers. As the best food tour in Hue, we are always looking forward to going on a tour because it is our chance to meet new people, learn more about other culture, and introduce our beloved Hue to the world. And when customers feel our passion, they support us with all their heart. Especially, a special customer from Singapore has surprised the whole team.

A fun meeting in the office of the best food tour in Hue

best food tour in Hue

Mr. James was traveling with his friends but there were some issues and now he traveling to Vietnam all alone. That is why he came to us to have some great travel companies. As Mr. James is a big fan of Tripadvisor, and he loves Vietnamese food, he looked for the best food tour in Hue on Tripadvisor, which is I Love Hue Tour.

After contacting us, he came right straight to the office to book his tour. Seeing our passionate and friendly team, Mr. James has decided to book 3 tours for his whole 3 days in Hue. He even ended up taking a selfie with us before leaving.

Gifts for the best team

best food tour in Hue

Besides the food tour in the last day, Mr. James has taken Hue city and local food tour, and Hue countryside tour. All of the tours are unique which surprised him from the beginning to the end. And at the second tour, he surprised us back with the small gifts from his country. What a pleasant surprise! We received many gifts from other customers, but the way Mr. James gave the gifts was very touching. The spiritual value of these gifts is uncountable.

Saying goodbye

Appreciating Mr. James friendliness, Ms. Lien, I Love Hue Tour CEO, lead his final street food tour in Hue. Mr. James was inspired with the vision, the ambition of this wonderful girl. He said “I believe your team will go further, together with you. Keep trying and believing, you can make it!” Those words will always be Lien motivation and help her getting stronger to conquer her dream.


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