This post is for a company and a person have changed my life

Dear everyone,

I am Hien who is a former staff of I Love Hue Tour Company. Today I am going to write this essay to express my feelings.

Once my mind was open by a saying of a girl : “ no one can change your life excepting to yourself, only you can create your opportunity and who help you get these in .” and my life has been transform a lot since and I am on the way to purchase my final desire .


Its me when I was working with I Love Hue Tour

And what made me perform it ? lets go back 6 months ago. At the time I was just a bashful and reserved girl just have left from college with a big dream and a huge worry as well as confusion, I was being stand- off “ a unemployed “ suddenly; in a rainy day I received a phone call from a girl with a clear voice asking me have an interview by a “actual trip” I would be a lady rider tomorrow and that was a turning point in my life. Everything is ready for journey following the girl mentioned. Having look at her at the first time is so different from my imagine, she is so young to be a owner and a tour guide for her own business, I was thinking ,perhaps something was wrong here and hot confuse but still kept alarm to see what she does. My thoughts changed absolutely when seeing her action with foreign visitors. A friendly smile, an inspirational voice with deep understanding about Hue city, my hometown, combining fluent English speaking skill . A exclamatory turned out from me “ how excellent you are !” “how could you do it “ I was absorbing with her words and distracted my tasks to visitors in trip. She got it and reminded me many times to focus on severing and talking with tourists but at that time I was nervous and embarrassed , my heart beat fast with hot face and had no idea to interact or introduce something to them , furthermore I was afraid that my English is not good enough to express my ideas so I tried to miniature myself and did not dare to open words but A tour guide , she got it and released my depression with a warm eyes like saying “ come on , look at me , you can do it ,girl “ then step by step she helped me to turn back initial status and joined in the trip with more confidence and started to open my mind and had much talking with them on way we took them to visit famous landscapes around Hue city .Luckily, we finished our trip in successfully we got good feedback from visitors then She recruited me and gave another chance for being a lady rider and that was the second point making my job.


An awesome company in my life which I will never forget

Coming to “ I LOVE HUE TOUR “ I was enlighten a lot by background and origin source of small company .it was born with abnormal goals not for profit like the other ones . They are a group of English lady students they can do what people think they cannot with motorbikes combing with study passion about tourism and in-depth knowledge of Hue’s historical sites. Their inspiration is spread as much as possible for all everyone who visiting Hue city, wanting to know how beautiful it is, how many characters it has…and be various kinds of tours despite of by day or by night , urban or rural , smooth road or rough ones , the best food in Hue follow traditional or modern . No matter what or where they are, they are able to get tourists there where special sightseeing available .They can do more than people thought because of their big passion .And another important thing that “ I LOVE HUE Tour formed by loving heart of ladies , and a great idea from the leader girl found out the orphanages and disadvantaged in needed –help which not many people know about them, support and bring them a sweet smiles on their lips with simple things such as food , toys , cakes , notebooks , songs and so on , especially caring and loving form ladies and tourist . They were singing common songs, seem to one lighting thorough out the small soul world of unhappy children they forget who they are at that time. And we are delightful for distribution a tiny part to create a belief in bright future for them,.I LOVE HUE “turns impossible things out possible and smaller up to bigger .


A person has changed my life and I cant say enough how much grateful in my life to meet her, Ms.Lien,

Besides knowledge of tourism after every trips, the leader taught me how love and help the other ones, how to pursue dream , how to get out scary , how to feel the lives. And how to believe in yourself .Before that I did not know who I was ?, where to go? , what to do ?, what I have? , what my goal ? nothing but frustration and fear facing the truth , I thought I couldn’t do anything , I am useless girl in the world .I lived in upset with no hope for my future , I have no skill ,no experience , not good English speaking. All of them became the burden for me life, and the one day , in a small coffee shop in sidewalk made me change totally my thinking as well as my way of life by my owner , a young lady “ her name’s Lien (lotus) the name a symbol and holy flower “in Vietnam, a girl with vision to motivate the world toward more brighter and her wish to bring happiness for everyone, she always welcomes anyone to her Tour in faithful heart sharing the beautiful value of life around us Whenever you say “ no, I can’t, she will change yes, i can “ and you can “. Today I work as a translator in a Shoe company in Binh Duong Vietnam, a position that I have never dreamed I would be before, its Miss Lien encouraged to get decision going out my small world and arriving here with steady will, There is no word to say regard and grateful to her, still keep going and strike to pursue my dream what she wish me to do.

I realize that I the important thing for everyone get success in life is the power to win yourself, now I am winner thanks to my first owner who gave me way, and I hope my sharing can help some young ladies can get more inspiration in your job. Finally I wish Tour I LOVE HUE, young ladies with leader to could develop more and more for a nicer society.
A big thank to everyone!