Hue Pottery Workshop is a wonderful product from us would love to show the tourists experience the tour they would never be before.  I Love Hue Tour has made an amazing co-operation with Hope Center which is a non-governmental organization in Hue to open the Experience Hue Pottery Workshop Tour to help the tourists have an amazing time to learn how to make pottery products as well as support the disabled people in Hue city, Vietnam.

Highlight of Hue Pottery Workshop

I Love Hue Lady Rider Team will take you on the back of the motorbike to the place where you will learn making pottery. Firstly, Hope Center organizes a unique experience with Raku pottery tour” for tourists or anyone who likes pottery. Therefore we would like to introduce you to the traditional Japanese Art of glazing pottery. You will be able to decorate a pottery piece on your own. A really fascinating experience with fire water and clay!Coming with this tour, we also will teach you the sign language for communicating with the deaf people in the social center. When you work with the deaf people to make your own pottery on this tour, it will be easier for you to know basic sign language in Vietnam from us.

Coming with this tour, we also will teach you the sign language for communicating with the deaf people in the social center. When you work with the deaf people to make your own pottery on this tour, it will be easier for you to know basic sign language in Vietnam from us.

Let’s come with us and experience a special tour as Hue Pottery Workshop! We will create lots of arts and become artist ourselves.

We can not wait to see your product on this tour.

I Love Hue shirt Drink and food
Lady Riders Tour Guide
Entrance fees
Personal Spending
hue pottery workshop
If the weather is rain, No worries! RAIN is only WATER 


Pick up in the hotel/guest house


Enjoying the coffee time with I Love Hue Team as well as understanding the coffee culture of Vietnam.


Welcome the guests to Hope Center.

+ Brief presentation of Raku technique around a cup of tea

+ Practice with the trainer.



Decorate a piece of pottery

+ You can select 1 or 2 pieces

+ Decorate them with special glazing, the colors and patterns are up to you




+With the trainer you will arrange all the pieces inside the kiln

+ Starting firing and in 1 to 1 hour and 30 minutes  the kiln reaches 1000 degrees Celsius

+  During this time lunch will be served in a traditional Vietnamese restaurant.



After Firing

    + Follow the trainer’s instructions, you will be able to take out the piece one by one and put them into containers full of sawdust to create flames and smoke which create the typical raku glazing.



Clean your pottery pieces and discover all the colors. Take your Artwork home with you.


Finish the Experience Hue Pottery Workshop Tour  and drop our amazing guests off in the hotel.

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 4 reviews
September 5, 2017

My wife and I have done this tour and it was thoroughly enjoyable. The girls conducting the tour were excellent guides and made the day one we will never

July 14, 2017

Began the morning with some delicious local Vietnamese coffee with my tour guide. After that, we hopped on a bike and rode to The Hope Center. This place is a wonderful spot in Hue – it teaches and equips locals with disabilities how to make pottery, sew, and weave. It was a fantastic time meeting the locals and learning about the center.

For my tour, I wanted to learn about pottery, so I met a wonderful French gentleman who taught me about a Japanese-style pottery making technique. I got to glaze and fire my own pottery to bring home as a souvenir. On our lunch break, we went to a vegan restaurant run by some local monks and ate delicious food! This trip was my favorite activity I did during my time in Vietnam!

February 14, 2017

We have had three very nice tours with ilovehuetour. The ladybikers were all very friendly and they showed us very nice places where we probably would not have been without them. The company is runned by an enthusiastic, ambitious and very nice lady and the rest of the staff is really driven and very kind

February 14, 2017

“I love Hue” is something special. Our day (and night!) with the team was an unforgettable experience and one of the highlights of our trip to Vietnam. We toured the city during the day as well as exploring some hidden gems further afield, including the Thai pagoda and the hauntingly beautiful abandoned water park. The evening tour was a five-stop food extravaganza that meandered across the city, stopping at the best places for local Hue delicacies, some unique to that particular restaurant and virtually impossible to find without insider knowledge.
This is not just a sight-seeing motorbike tour though. Lien and her team have created something wonderful. All the drivers/guides are young women from
Hue, and what makes the tour so special is the opportunity it affords to really talk to them, to learn about Vietnam, Hue and their lives – just as they learn about yours. The whole ethos is one of cultural exchange; of language, life and laughter! Even the rain couldn’t dampen our spirits (it rained solidly all day!)
The team are fun, intelligent and incredibly hard-working women who are empowering themselves and enriching the local community. The whole day was amazing – from (trying) to make jewellery with the incredibly dexterous men and women at a local centre for the deaf and disabled, to learning how to open a beer with a chopstick. I cannot rate it highly enough. If you do one thing in Hue, make it this – you won’t regret it!

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