HUE BY NIGHT TOUR is a typical tour that include many interesting activities in Hue at night for tourists. If you are looking for what to see when the night falls in Hue city, you are in right place. Hue becomes more bustling and colorful at night: from the Truong Tien bridge to the colors of lights on the streets.


This is a private night tour lasting for 5 hours. Once you join the tour, you will be picked up at your hotel and taken to the destinations. The transportation is motorbike or car depending on your choice. If you choose motorbike, each lady biker will ride each of you on their bikes. You just need to get on the biker and feel free to sightsee on the road. Travelling by motorbike – the typical vehicle of Vietnam is interesting. You can see everything easily and learn about the culture. However, you can also travel by car if you wish. We have our car service available to meet your demand.

On this tour, we will take you to some fascinating places in Hue at night and help you to explore Hue nightlife. Hue is so pretty at night with many different lights surround the city. We are the locals and we know where to bring an unforgettable memories for you.

Tour type: Private tour

Transportation: Motorbike or Car

Duration: 5 hours.

Moreover, enjoying the Hue activities in the evening will be awesome experiences in your holiday as visiting the Hue Imperial City By Night, visiting around the Perfume River by dragon boat with locals, exploring the Hue Night Market, tasting the royal coffee at citadel, listening performances from locals and walking around Walking Street. All of that will make the best time for you at night here.


We pick some interesting things in top what to see in Hue at night for this tour. We will start the tour with dinner at a vegetarian restaurant. Then, we will go for a walk around Hue Citadel and listen to Hue history. After that, you have time to enjoy coffee at a beautiful coffee shop called Tu Phuong Vo Su (Peaceful World). The highlight of this tour is taking a short trip in Dragon Boat on Perfume river. It’s definitely amazing. The next thing to do is go for a walk in the Walking Street and comtemplate the Paintings. This Walking Street is popular among Hue people. It has a wonderful view of Truong Tien Bridge. Last but not least, we will enjoy Hue sweet soup – Che Hue – a popular desser of Hue locals.

The city of combination between modern and traditional would definitely make you fall in love. Especially, joining with our local lady biker team will bring you a lot of joys. Making all people in the world love Hue is our job and we can not wait to make you have the best time here at night.

Joining our Hue By Night Tour to get totally new experiences exploring this beautiful city.


I Love Hue shirt Drink and food
Lady Riders Tour Guide
Entrance fees
Personal Spending

If you are interested in food tour in Hue at night, we highly recommend Hue Street Food Tour by night. It’s a great way to sightsee and try local food. Hue Royal Show is a nice tour to enjoy the Royal Show in the Dragon Boat on Perfume river.

“RAIN  is only WATER, Do not worry about it because I Love Hue Tour is here with you ”

The guests still enjoy the tour despite the rain
The guests still enjoy the tour despite the rain


Picking our wonderful guests up and start Hue by night tour with dinner at a vegetarian restaurant.


Go for a walk around Hue Citadel By Night and listen to the royal history of Hue


Enjoy coffee at a beautiful coffee shop called Tu Phuong Vo Su (Peaceful World) 


Take a short trip in Dragon Boat – Hue tourism symbol, then go for a walk in the Walking Street and see the pictures.


Time to enjoy Hue sweet soup – a popular dessert of Hue local 


Finish the tour and drop our wonderful guests at hotel
Hue Citadel at night
a crowded night tour with many guests
Hue Citadel at night
Our lady biker is riding a customer
Our guests with I love Hue T-shirt
The customers are playing outside the Hue Citadel
The guests are on Hue Dragon Boat
We are celebrating birthday for a guest
The guests and our female guides in the coffee shop

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 7 reviews
March 13, 2018

It is always hard writing a review especially when you see so many things. Was the highlight the great food and coffee in fantastic settings or the company of the exceptional guide?
Was it the boat ride on the perfume river or strolling through the night market? You could do this and so much more and if you have Aby as a guide you will be entertained and fully informed about what you see.
Just do it, you will enjoy it.

July 14, 2017

What a wonderful guide Aby was for my Hue by Night tour. I had a great first night in Hue sampling tasty vegetarian food taking a dragon boat cruise, seeing the Citadel, other landmarks, enjoying coffee at a beautiful location which made me think I was in Paris and just enjoying some good laughs with Aby and sharing some stories on what was for me a “private” tour being the only tourist on the night in question. If you are worried about being on a motorbike don’t be. Aby was a great rider. Sure there is nothing you can do about the somewhat crazy Vietnam traffic but I didn’t feel worried once. I have no hesitation in recommending this company. There admin prior to the trip was excellent with quick and full some responses. I felt so confident that I also booked my airport transfer through them which worked well and a second full day trip around Hue.

February 23, 2017

I did the night city tour by myself on 26/09/15, booked the day before. Liên my tour guide turns up on the motorcycle wearing the I Love Hué so easy to recognise who she is! Everything exactly as stated on the website, lots of food straight away (best avoid lunch). The city is very intersting at night and Liên is happy to explain any curiosities you encounter – which there were many for me

Highlight was easily the karaoke bar (down a small alley which tourists would probably never find) where a live band accompanies the singer. For those that don’t know, Vietnamese love karaoke and they are all VERY good singers, including Liên!

I didn’t know it would be a private tour when I booked (I thought there would be other tourists like all other tours I’ve been on) but Liên is such a chatty person which makes this tour great fun and great value. You can pay in VND if you don’t have USD

Overall, it felt like travelling around the city with a firend rather than a guide. Definately recommend this tour and I’m sure the daytime tours are just as enjoyable, best book more in advance than I did though to avoid disappointment!

February 18, 2017

Amazing tour with wonderful ladies.
First off their enthusiasm and confidence straight away on meeting and we knew we were in for a great tour. Their English and driving was high quality and never felt safer on Vietnam roads. My favourite and undoubtedly my most memorable night in Vietnam. Highly recommended – by everyone!

February 18, 2017

A group of us did a night motorbike tour around Hue in July 16.
The I Love Hue team are awesome. Really energetic, keen to yarn and share their love and passion for Hue.
Lien in particular made the booking process very easy. As soon as we got off the lift in the lobby of the hotel we felt like family. Everyone in the group really enjoyed it! Wish we had a few more days to do a few of the other tours I Love Hue offer. Keep up the good work Lien and the girls!!!

February 18, 2017

Wonderful experience with Vy and Abi!
Very friendly and the girls English was perfect!
Fun and laid back tour.
Vego dinner, citadale by night, coconut ice cream with a lovely look out, dragon cruise boat, night market stroll followed by a local coffee shop hang with bubble tea and karaoke

February 14, 2017

What an experience, We did 3 tours, Vegetarian Cooking Class, Street Food at Night, and Night City Tour. Ms Lien & her team are fantastic, entertaining, informative and very accommodating. Cooking Class was with Ms Abey & Ms Na, we went to the restaurant and was shown how to prepare Vietnamese coffee, then to the markets, back to the kitchen, where the chef was amazing. Night Street Food Tour was with Ms Phun & Ms Autumn, it was fun & crazy the whole evening, eat great food and non stop laughter. Night City Tour was with Ms Lien & Ms Thu, once again fun fun fun, we even were taken out of our comfort zone, by finishing the night with Karaoke..! I highly recommend this Tour company, as they have a great team, and I a sure you that it will be an great experience.

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