Are you familiar to Hue? Do you want to try something different? Hue customized tour is a Hue motorbike tour where the client chooses the places which they wish to visit. If the customers are not interested in any of our tour programs, they can book a tour to any place they wish to visit in Hue. Through this Hue special tour, I Love Hue Tour lady bikers will show you the wonderful experience in Hue city.

Why should you choose Hue Customized Tour?

The specialty of Hue Customized Tour is about the unique experience. You will have a chance to explore different Hue attractions according to your choices.

This special Hue tour is the wonderful chance for you to explore the true Hue together with Hue lady bikers! In Hue Customized Tour, you can choose the places that you want to know more. Just tell us and the lady riders of I love Hue tour will definitely drive you to every corner of Hue. Because we are always available to show you our favorite city – the true Hue.

Besides, you will go sightseeing Hue and talk about the culture of Vietnam together. You can ask these lovely lady bikers anything about Vietnam. We can’t wait to see our wonderful guests!

What amazing experiences! Why don’t you join Hue Customized Tour!

Additionally, we also can ride you from Hue to Hoi An by motorbike if you require us.“RAIN  is only WATER, Do not worry about it because I Love Hue Tour is here with you ”

We are having amazing pictures of this tour on Facebook Album and Instagram. Additionally, reading the reviews will be awesome.

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hue customized tour

Our tourist and our CEO are enjoying the food
Customers are enjoying Hue BBQ
The customers in the Hue countryside
Our guests in the royal tomb
The guests are having a photo taken with a cow

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 9 reviews
July 14, 2017

Being our first trip to Danang, Hoi An and Hue, coupled with the fact both of us are in our 50s (century old added up!) and you have 1 CEO and 1 Board Director going on board, we are initially hesitant on opting up on travelling with this group of lady-riders on motorbike especially we heard so much about the notorious traffic in Vietnam !

But after hearing so much hype on how good the ilovehuetour and ilovehoiantour are on Tripadvisor and other social media platforms, both P’ Pom and I decided to try out their tour services.

Prior to the trip, communication with Ms Lien, CEO of ilovehuetour and ilovehoiantour (same tour company) was both timely and informative. She was most prompt and helpful in recommending and organizing our tour itinerary, even customizing our tour in Hue according to our wishes.. Thank you and Well done !

Thank God! We made the right choice! This trip was absolutely Awesome, Amazing, Fabulous, blah, blah, blah…. as both of us had a great time with the ever-friendly, sociable, super-lovely, efficient English-Speaking lady-riders cum tour guides and we are always in safe hands with them !

June 21, 2017

Was traveling alone in Hue and asked for a customized day tour stating my preference for more nature sights. Ms. Lien did a customized itinerary for me. Got picked up at my hotel by the very friendly Thu. She was a trooper having to ride with me in the heat. What I love about the tour is its very flexible, we did some changes in the itinerary on the spot and she even went to the local market with me since our tour finished early.

Although not very experienced if you compare to seasoned tour guides I loved going around with Thu as she gave me a personal view of Hue. She talked bout how they they value their culture so much. It was really nice and heartfelt to hear her perspective of things.

Highly recommended tour especially when you are alone or maybe a small group to get a personalized tour experience at your own pace.

June 21, 2017

I arranged a customised tour to visit some tombs and the abandoned water park. I arranged it via email the day before, and had a quick response and everything was arranged easily.
The day of the tour my guide arrived on time, and the tour was great (if a little wet at the end due to a thunderstorm).
Lunch was at a really nice restaurant, and we started the day with a salted coffee – which I probably would not have tried on my own but was really nice.
I highly recommended this company, everything was well organised and it was a great day.

February 23, 2017

I can only recommend booking a tour with Liên and her lady riders!
I have lived in Huế for four months and in all this time I never met a person who loves this city more than her – and who knows how to pass on this love to her guests!
Hue is such a lovely city with so much more to discover than citadel and pagoda, so if you have a little more time before you move on to your next destination you should spend this time on the back of one of the lady rider’s motorbikes and discover the beauty of the city and the landscape around it, moving like a real Vietnamese, tasting the delicious food of Hue in places where you’ll meet more Vietnamese than tourists and talking to Hue people.
Also a good idea: food tours in the evening! That’s how I made my parents love Hue food when they visited me 😉

February 23, 2017

I recently traveled to Hue, Vietnam and I had the pleasure of taking a tour with I Love Hue Tour company. Our tour guide was Lien a.k.a The Queen of Hue! She was by far the friendliest tour guide I have ever had. Lien has so much passion and enthusiasm for her job. She is not only a tour guide herself, but the owner of the company as well. She cares a great deal about her customers and employees. While traveling around Hue with Lien, I was able to learn so much about the history of the city, and the culture of Vietnam. Her tours are very fun and informative. It does not matter what you want to do in Hue, Lien will make it happen. She knows of many cool of the beaten path type of places as well. I had the best time visiting the Lady Buddha statue and learning how to make incense with the locals. I do plan on returning to Hue and when I do, I plan to book another tour with I Love Hue Tours. The staff are all courteous and professional. I highly recommend them if you plan on visiting in Hue!!!

February 23, 2017

The I love Hue tour is amazing!! I had so good time during the day with my driver Phuc, she is so nice and brave, I really enjoyed not just knowing the turist places of Hue but also the real life of Hue people. At night we met with the other girls and as I was traveling by myself, they were always organizing so funny plans for me. Thank you girls!! I hope to see u again <3
Strongly recommended this tour!

February 23, 2017

My girlfriend and I spent 2 weeks traveling in Vietnam – Hanoi, Hue, Danang, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh. Although we only spent 1 full day in Hue, it was definitely the highlight of our entire trip, solely because of this tour. We actually booked a boat tour, but somehow we ended up on the back of motorbikes. We thought maybe we were being driven to the boat, but ended up going to the coffee shop to meet Lien and discuss the specifics of the tour. Since we didn’t really have anything planned, we just went with it and later had a good laugh together when we informed them that we actually didn’t book this tour. We were so glad that we joined the wrong tour! We had an amazing time and highly recommend this to everyone!

February 23, 2017

Our family (2 adults and 2 teens) enjoyed this tour soooo much! It was fun to be driving at the motor bikes (great to have a lovely lady rider who knows the way and is experienced in the crazy traffic!) – so much cooler than a taxi or a bus or….!
We had a customized tour and started with a great, salted coffee (delicious) in a nice quirky place. Then we drove to a mountain with a great view over the city, we visited a beautiful temple, a mountain area with a lot of cemeteries (really interesting) and had a great lunch in a bamboo place, high above the water. Only locals there, delicious food!! The best thing was the company of the 4 girls, all students. It was so nice to learn from them about their lives and customs! And they knew a lot about Hué, the history, etc. Our kids (14 and 11) also loved this day! Thank you, Lien and Thuy and the others! Hope to be back…

February 14, 2017

One worker took us around Hue and showed us places to visit. If you don’t know what to do and where to go in Hue, ask this place! Staff was friendly and professional. I liked a lot. I recommend to everybody! <3

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