As the first social enterprise in Hue, I Love Hue Tour is proud to carry out many community projects. And thanks to that, we deeply involved with many NGOs, social centers, and the community of people who live with disabilities, especially with deaf and mute people. That is why most of the I Love Hue Team are able to use sign language and are good friends with deaf tourists. Recently a couple from the U.S who are deaf booked a tour with us. The tour was so amazing that after this success, we decided to create the I Love Hue Deaf Tour to make more people fall in love with Hue.

Read more about our first deaf tour here: I LOVE HUE SPECIAL TOUR WITH A LOVELY DEAF COUPLE


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hue special tour with a lovely deaf couple

The I Love Hue Deaf Tour has been created for several reasons:

  • Firstly, we have experience in guiding deaf tourists on the motorbike. Therefore we want to use this precious experience to make more people have a good time in Vietnam. The first tour was a wonderful time for all of us, and we don’t want to stop there. We want to create more memorable moments like this for us and deaf people all over the world.
  • Secondly, the I Love Hue Deaf Tour would be a chance for our lady riders to practice sign language. Like we always say practice makes perfect, our lady riders will have the motivation and opportunity to master the language like they did with English. We want more people can use sign language, and seeing many young people use it well is part our dream.
  • Thirdly, the tour is a good way to empower the deaf girls. As we knew many deaf people from our community projects, we would love to do something for them. This I Love Hue deaf tour would be a special opportunity for them to developed and share their stories with deaf tourists around the world. They can learn so much and make lots of friends.
  • Last but not least, our goal is to make Vietnam a safe and suitable place for all people in the world to visit. There will be nothing to stop you visiting Vietnam. Your race, your religion, your sex, or your disabilities do not matter because we will make you say I love Vietnam!


The I Love Hue Deaf Tour is our first step to empower people who live with disabilities in Hue as well as in Vietnam. We still have many projects to support them. The nearest plan would be to open a café whose employees are students and deaf people.

Moreover, our newest member is a deaf girl who is in charge of marketing on Instagram and she is learning very fast and doing great. It would be a big success if everyone could recognize their talent instead of focussing in their disabilities.


we are exploring amazing hue countryside with our tours

Actually, besides having a deaf guide and lady riders who can use sign language, there is no difference between the I Love Hue Deaf Tour and other I Love Hue Tours. But this is what makes this tour special, you will all be treated equally. However, we still use our experience in guiding a deaf tour before to make sure all the deaf guests will feel safe and comfortable on our motorbike. Therefore, you can book directly any I LOVE HUE TOUR. Just make sure to tell us in advance that you need a tour guide who can use sign language. Then all you have to do is enjoy the best journey in Vietnam.

I Love Hue is a brand of I Love Vietnam, so we can also show you the beauty of the whole Vietnam. Let’s be with us on the journey to change the world!

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