Hue local experience tour from I Love Hue is a private tour in Hue. This tour help you have an overview and interesting experience in this city. You will discover the lifestyle and the culture of Hue locals. On this private tour, we will take you to some beautiful destinations in Hue. In addition, you will try a local mealtraditionally with us. You can choose to join the tour by either motorbike or car.

For motorbike choice, each female biker will ride each of tourist on the motorbike. You just need to get on the bike, and sightsee. That means you are experience motorbike culture of Vietnam. If you choose the car service, you will explore Hue in a private comfortable car. You will be accompanied by a lady guide.

Tour type: Private tour

Transportation: Motorbike or Car

Duration: 6 hours


In this private tour, we will take you to several Hue special destinations, which are unfamiliar with tourists. It is hard to find these Hue attractions as they rarely appear in any travel guide or book.

First, we will enjoy coffee together. Vietnam is really famous for coffee, so we are sure that you would like it. Next, we will explore the historic pagodas in Hue to see the architecture and listen to the history. There, you can learn more about Buddhism.

After that, we will take you to the Princess Temple where you would understand about a great princess in Vietnam was helping Hue become like today. We will enjoy a traditional meal together in a local restaurant. The next site is  the Standing Buddha Temple (Lady Buddha). This is the tallest Buddha temple in Hue where people usually pray for happiness. The last place is Hope center, where many disadvantaged children are taken care of and taught how to make handicrafts.

Highlight of the tour:

  • Sightsee the spectacular landscape on the way.
  • Visit special destinations in Hue
  • Try a traditional meal.


Food, Drink Lady Bikers, Helmet
I love Hue t-shirt Tour Guide
Entrance fees
Personal Spending

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“RAIN  is only WATER, Do not worry about it because I Love Hue Tour is here with you ”

A customer and our lady guide on the tour in the rain
A customer and our lady guide still enjoy the tour in the rain


Picking up our amazing guests from hotel and talk about the program.


Lets start with us by drinking an amazing coffee in Hue.


There are more than hundred of pagodas in Hue because this is a city where buddhists take up 90%. Let we guide you to explore the Thai Pagoda in Hue to see an amazing Thai architecture here. After that, we all will visit Tu Hieu Pagoda with Vietnamese architecture to see the differences of both. Understanding about buddhism is awesome.


Time to start the tour by visiting the Princess Temple in Hue where you would understand about a great princess in Vietnam was helping Hue become like today. What an amazing history about her we all will be interested. I Love Hue Team will share you by our awesome knowledge.


Enjoying a beautiful lunch in a garden restaurant


Let us ride you around the Standing Buddha Temple (Lady Buddha) in Hue to see the most impressive building.


Continuing with our team by visiting Hope Center where the deaf people will make a memorable time with you by teaching you how to make some souvenirs. It will be a wonderful ending of the trip.


Drop our wonderful guests in the hotel and say ” see you again ”
13 guests and 13 lady bikers in the salty coffee shops
Two guests are taking photos with I love Hue T-shirt
We take the customers to a restaurant to enjoy meal
The tourists and our guides in front of the pagoda
A guest is learning about Hope Center
A tourist instructed by handicapped people is learning how to make thing
Princess Temple in Hue
Lady Buddha Temple
Tu Hieu Pagoda

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 9 reviews
March 15, 2018

The difference about the I Love Hue Tours is the information you get from the exceptional guides. This was the last of my three tours in Hue, having also done three in Hoi An, and there is nothing you could fault in any of them. The girls are all so entertaining and their enthusiasm for their cities is so exciting you could spend the day at the first coffee shop just listening to them.
This tour was no exception. Duyen was fantastic and enjoys her work and company with an exciting I don’t see at home.
You complete the tour with a good knowledge of where you have been and what you see, as well as a full stomach from the exceptional food.
Every positive word you read about these tours is true and highly recommended.

July 14, 2017

Wir können uns all den netten Dingen, die bisher gesagt wurden, nur anschließen: Der Tag mit den Mädels von “I love Hue” war großartig, eine unserer liebsten Erinnerungen an diese Stadt! Lien und Trump waren super nett, total entspannt und wir haben uns selbst im wuseligsten Verkehr mit ihnen immer sehr sicher gefühlt. Wir haben unter anderem einen verlassenen Wasserpark besichtigt und haben einen Stop in einem hervorragenden veganen Restaurant eingelegt – eine Tour absolut nach unserem Geschmack. 🙂 Lien zu begegnen war dazu absolut inspirierend, das Unternehmen, das sie gegründet hat, ist beeindruckend und die Art, wie sie auch soziale Aspekte integriert, ist etwas Besonderes und wirklich schön. Kurz: Wer in der Stadt ist, sollte unbedingt eine Tour bei Lien buchen – wir haben den Tag sehr, sehr genossen! 🙂

March 4, 2017

Probably the highlight of our whole trip to Vietnam has been the day we spent with Lien in Hue on the back of bikes. She took us to places that we’d never have found and were not in any guide book. The girls were fabulous fun, dynamic, full of knowledge and new the city well. If we had spare days we’d have done a different tour with them everyday. We called in the morning on the off-chance she could squeeze us in and they couldn’t have been more helpful and accommodating. We were on the back of bikes, helmets on within 45 mins heading for a fantastic coffee at the Bamboo Tea house. Support this fabulous enterprise/start up initiative, I promise you won’t be disappointed! See you again Lien and good luck on your adventures.

February 23, 2017

I had a great time with Lien riding to various sights that were not as touristic but far more interesting. She gave me great background infos to every site and answered all of my questions. As I did a similar tour with a guide that didnt speak English, this was a totally different experience. Finally, we had lunch on a bamboo restaurant in a lagoon:)

February 20, 2017

We only had one full day in Hue and after reading several trip advisor reviews we decided to book the I love Hue tour. No regrets. We had great fun. Lein and her girls are like rays of sunshine. They took us to some beautiful sights that many other tour guides do not offer.
We visited a beautiful little village and had lunch at the bamboo restaurant. It really was a laugh a minute and very informative. I love the work that Lein is doing. She is a credit to the people of Hue. I have had little experience riding on the back of a motorbike but can honestly say I felt so safe. Thankyou Lein and your incredible team. You should be proud.
We love Hue xxx

February 20, 2017

On the first day, the girls turned up on time at our hotel.My sister had no idea we were about to embark on a motorcycle tour, so at first she was a little bit nervous but after the first few minutes she loved it! We visited Huyen Tran Princess Temple, Vong Canh hill, Lady Buddha Statue in Hue, Hue Lagoon, Peaceful Bamboo Family and Thuy Chanh village. It was a fantastic overall view of Vietnamese life.
The girls were great and very careful drivers – we felt completely safe!
On the second day, we had a longer trip to Hoi An with a driver and he stopped at all points worthy of a photograph. Again we had a super day with Ms Lien visiting Hoi An, Marble Mountain and the amazing Hai Van Pass. The town of Danang with its clean streets and resorts was very impressive.
On day 3 we did the historical tour visiting: Khai Dinh tomb, Minh Mang tomb, Thien Mu pagoda and Citadel.
Our experience was awesome, thanks girls!

February 18, 2017

This is one of the most wonderful tours I have ever joint in my life. The ” I Love Hue Tour” girls are very smart and funny, they made me and my friends laugh a lot. It is such a beautiful place and Hue food is also amazing. I think I fall in love with Hue and I will come back Hue again

February 14, 2017

高校生の娘と母娘二人で市内ツアーに参加しました。女二人旅にはもう、最高のガイドさんたちでした!可愛くて、楽しくて、元気で、プロフェッショナルの案内。 バイクに生まれて初めて乗った娘も、本当に楽しくて最高の体験になりました。 村の市場や精進レストラン、フエ独特のクリーミーなコーヒーなど、自分たちでは決して行けない場所に連れて行ってくれました。 AbyさんとAutumさんの笑顔がなによりのフエのお土産です。バイクももとても安全運転なので、安心です。 この会社はフエの地域のために、ボランティアにも熱心、社会貢献企業として若き女性社長ががんばっているので、本当に素晴らしいです! また機会があったら、食ツアー、フォトつあー、ナイトツアー、クッキングツアー、ボランティアツアー、全てに参加したいです。 日本のみなさんも中学英語でもなんとかなります!オススメしまーす。

February 14, 2017

I had the time of my life on this motorbike tour with the wonderful and funny and beautiful guide Thu even in the rain. We started off with delicious salty coffee . My favourite parts were the visit to the disused water park ( very surreal experience) and in the afternoon we visited the Hope Centre. We visited some pagodas and made a timely visit to the market where Thu helped me bargain for a raincoat. I havent laughed so much in a day for ages. I felt safe with Thu on the motorbike. Not having been on a bike for many years it felt great. I learnt alot about Hu and really this day will be the highlight of my time in Vietnam. So worth it. Oh and a great lunch thrown in too.

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