Hue is a quite small and mountainous city, yet it is full of with charming landscapes, historical and cultural monuments. So what is the best way to discover all the beauty of this city?
Taking a taxi wherever you go? It would be really expensive as well as inconvenient because it is not easy for taxi to drive in narrow mountainous roads. Besides, getting a taxi is not always possible.

How about taking a cyclo? Surprisingly, taking cyclo is even more expensive than taking a taxi for the same distance as even though cyclo seems to be less fancy than taxi, it requires the cyclo driver a lot more of energy and effort to drive than the taxi driver. Moreover, you can never feel comfortable to enjoy the scenery when seeing the other person is working too hard and sweating a lot to take you around the city, right? And the most important thing is it would be time consuming if you want to visit all the beautiful places around Hue by cyclo. So, is there anyway left to not only enjoy the view, less expensive and time-consuming?

For me, booking a Hue city tour by motorbike is the best procedure ever to explore this charming city. There are tons of Hue motorbike tours which you can easily book online, but the website that I highly recommend to you is the I Love Hue Tour with the Lady riders. Why? First of all, I have already experienced a Hue motorbike tour with the Lady riders of I Love Hue tour and felt absolutely amazed. All the lady riders of I Love Hue have a great passion about tourism, a big love for this beautiful city and an in-depth knowledge about all the historic monuments in Hue. The Hue lady riders always drive carefully and care for their company. They had given me the most spectacular day travelling around and enjoying the most delicious Hue specialties.

The more fascinating thing that I found in the I Love Hue Tour is that this is a community business and one of the core principles of them is to share a part of their profit with the local charities.

With all the mentioned reason, I strongly recommend that booking the Hue motorbike tours with the lady riders offered buy I Love Hue Tour is the best way to discover Hue – the heart of old Vietnam.


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