Truong Tien Bridge – a wonderful Hue bridge

Coming to Hue, tourists are not only impressed by some historical tombs but they have a deep impression on a lot of bridges here. One of the most famous bridges is Truong Tien Bridge, which is the pride of local people here. Truong Tien Bridge is worth one of the amazing tourist attractions in Hue attracting a lot of tourists.

History of Truong Tien – one of the most ancient Hue Bridges

Near the poetic Perfume river, Truong Tien Bridge is the highlight for the natural Hue’s picture and connect two river banks of Huong River.  The image of curved spans reflected into the river or into the blue sky, the image of Hue girls wearing”AO DAI” (Vietnamese traditional custom) , the boat on the river under the bridge are forever unforgettable memories of dreaming Hue Bridge.

truong tien bridge - hue bridge

Truong Tien Bridge has had a long history and become a part of Hue history. With the ups and downs of the history, Truong Tien has many names suitable with each period of time. For example,  Thanh Thai (name of the Thanh Thai King of the Nguyen Dynasty), Clemenceau in 1907 (a French Minister name when Thanh Thai King was exiled to the French  Réunion island), Nguyen Hoang in 1945 (The Nguyen lord who explored the central region) and after 1975 to now, Truong Tien or Trang Tien are the two popular name. For more than 100 years of history, this graceful Hue bridge has undergone many changes along with Hue city.

truong tien bridge-bridge in Hue
Truong Tien Bridge

The unique beauty of an amazing Hue Bridge

Truong Tien is more and more beautiful whenever the festival comes. When Hue traditional craft Festival 2017 happens, people decorated it with a lot of Conical leaf hats and various types of flowers.  Ao Dai Show – the important show takes place in Truong Tien Bridge (celebrated on 30 April, 2017). Whenever people mention Hue, they always talk about three symbols: Ao Dai, non la and Truong Tien Bridge.

truong tien - hue bridge
Truong tien at night


truong tien - hue bridge
Truong Tien with colorful Ao Dai

Two famous places near Truong Tien Bridge

Because of the convenient location, you can go shopping or try  local food just by walking down Truong Tien.

  1. Nguyen Dinh Chieu Walking Street

    walking street in Hue
    Walking street in Hue

  2. Dong Ba Market

    dong ba near Hue bridge
    Dong Ba market

Discovering Truong Tien – the most popular Hue’s bridge is definitely the unforgettable things to do in Hue. Truong Tien Bridge thus becomes one of the indispensable tourist sites in the journey of exploring Hue travel attracting tourists. Nowadays, Truong Tien  still plays an essential role in remaining Hue’s beauty. Moreover, it is the beautiful image of Hue Bridge in the heart of local people and visitors around the world.

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