Vietnamese Bread in Hue
Banh Mi in Hue


Vietnamese bread is one of the traditional foods in Vietnam. You can use it for breakfast, dinner, lunch or even snack.

“Bread” has another Vietnamese name is “banh mi”. It is a popular food in Vietnam for all people – from young to old people, because it is seen as a fast food. Everyone can buy Vietnamese bread in the small stalls on the street-side or in many the alleys of the city or even in the bus terminals and train station. You can bring it to enjoy for trips like the picnic, going to the beach. Especially, the local people can use “banh mi” to eat with other dishes like beef and pork soup.

The ingredient of Vietnamese Bread


Bread is made from wheat, quick-rise yeast and rice flour. Hot baguettes are kept warm inside the bamboo basket fully covered with a woolen blanket.

Sellers put sliced carrots, papayas, cucumbers, liver pâté, mayonnaise, grilled chopped meat and baked meat into bread and covered with by a little sauce.

A variety of types of Vietnamese Bread

As Vietnamese bread has a variety of flavors and types, the seller will meet customers’ demand according to their favouite. In addition, Vietnamese bread has another type for vegetarian, you can enjoy it with vegetable and tofu.

Some bread’s types:

Chicken Bread ( Bánh mì gà)

Omelet Bread (Bánh mì trứng)

Grilled pork bread ( Bánh mì thịt nướng)

Juicy crushed pork meatballs bread (Bánh mì xíu)

Vegetarian bread ( Bánh mì chay)

The price of Vietnamese Bread


Its cost is from 5.000 dong to 7.000 dong per loaf. It is very cheap for everyone (especially tourists) to enjoy a great local food. You can enjoy from 1 to 2 loaves of bread if you want. However, you should not eat more 2 loaves of bread, because if you eat too much, you do not feel its good taste.


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