Warmly welcome the Australian Ambassador to Hue city, Vietnam

On Nov 3rd, 2016 , I Love Hue Tour were welcoming an amazing guest who is Deputy Head Of Australia Ambassador in Vietnam, Mr.Layton Pike, and his family come to Hue for a visit.


It was amazing time we had with Mr.Pike. He booked the Hue Street Food Tour from us since he wanted to experience amazing hue cuisines in this city. At 6:30pm, we picked him and his family for our adventure time on motorbikes to explore Hue By Night with street food. The ambassador was really friendly to us that he supported us a lot with what we are doing for community from tourism. We explored many different types of food as Hue Noodle Soup, Hue Local Cakes ( Beo, Nam Loc, Khot,..); Vietnamese BBQ, Sweet Soup ( Che)… We were singing together and have had a lot of fun with his family in that night.

Australian ambassador

He has been living in Vietnam since 2 years and he also came to Hue but he said this is the time he explored a real tour with a lot of fun and great food. He also gave us a lot of ideas to develop the company and we feel so happy to have his supports.
All the things were “ AWESOME” as Mr.Pike said. He loves the passions of youth as changing the community from tourism. Our passions were sending to him from our loves for the city as well as Vietnam. Dreaming to change the world is on our way and we will make it the best.


Welcoming the Australian Ambassador was our honors and thank you so much Mr.Pike for coming with us and fall in love with Hue. Working with our passion has made us feel happy every single day. Everyone is different and everyone is different in special ways. The world is equal and we love to bring happiness to people from the things we are doing. Love will lead you to succeed. We will never forget the moments we have spent with Mr.Pike. We wish him and his family all the best in the future. We will keep going on our ways and we hope we will welcome him again one day.


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