I Love Asia – a Big Step to the World of I Love Hue Tour

June 7th, 2017 is an important milestone as it marked the beginning of a new era for I Love Hue Tour, the beginning of I Love Asia. As one of 4 winners of MIST – an intensive competition for Asian startups in tourism, I Love Hue Tour is proud to receive the Wise Woman Leadership Award, the perfect proof for our contribution to the mission of empowering young women.

What lead to I Love Asia success

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This award is not only the result of the 2-month preparation but also the outcome of what we have been built up for the past 2 years of hard working. The CEO – Ms. Nguyen Thi Huong Lien has always been an inspiration to our staff as well as customers. Her pitch in the competition was one of the most important factors which made I Love Asia the winner. Moreover, the success of I Love Hue Tour and I Love Hoi An Tour are also a concrete proof of I Love Asia potential. In addition, the contribution of I Love Hue Tour to the community is also a persuasive factor which impressed the judges.

We have participated in many competitions and have both experienced victories as well as failures. But by learning from failures and having faith in victories, we have achieved our first international achievement. Step by step, the local social enterprise I Love Hue Tour has gradually made more influence to the world. We believe that the day we could be able to change the world is not so far, starting from these small steps.

The future plan of I Love Asia

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The I Love Asia will be a long-term plan, the near future plan is going to be I Love Vietnam, which is also a great challenge. The company will be guided by WISE, a trusted organization which has been successfully supported many startups. In July 2017, I Love Hue Tour will be the only team which will attend APEC – an international conference in Da Nang and will show ourselves to the world.

All in all, this is not our final goal, but only the beginning of our journey to the world. The challenge is just about to start. We will have a revolution to grow up to the world level.

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