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  • Traveling around Hue on a boat
  • Discovering the history of Hue city
  • Enjoying local cuisines in the evening


  • Lady Bikers
  • Meal at Local Restaurant
  • Drink at the coffee shop
  • I Love Hue T-shirt


  • Entrance fee and personal spending


45 USD/Pax


Hue was once the official capital of Vietnam under the Nguyen dynasty for about 143 years. For this reason, this romantic city inherits numerous historical sites and intangible cultural features that have always been appealing attractions to both domestic and international tourists. Especially, you will get the chance to comprehensively discover every corner of these sites as long as you choose a boat cruise along Perfume River offered by Hue Boat Trip. We are always willing to provide you with a deep insight into royal history.

On this tour, we will float on the calm river to arrive at three destinations in Hue to satisfy your sense of curiosity and to remark on your eventful trips. Four places that together will give you an overall picture of Hue are Hon Chen Temple, Thien Mu Pagoda, and Dong Ba Market.


Pick up your Hotel

Our local guides will pick you up at your hotel and introduce you to the tour itinerary.


Hon Chen Temple

We will go upstream of Perfume River and stop at Hon Chen Temple at one riverside. Here, you can feel the mystery and the tranquility formed by the souls of hundreds of gods, goddesses, and Buddhas, notably Mother Celestial Thien Y A Na and Lieu Hanh Princess. Our guide will share with you the history behind this religious temple including the legends and the long-standing annual ceremonies.


Visit Thien Mu Pagoda

We will float toward the other bank to stop at Thien Mu Pagoda (Heavenly Lady Pagoda). Whether you are religious or not, this pagoda will give you a vivid picture of Buddhism through detailed explanations from our guides and a short stroll to Phuoc Duyen Tower, a stela, an enormous bell, Dai Hung shrine (main hall), etc.


Dong Ba Market

After a long cruise and stroll to the historical sites, the best place to stop in the end is to immerse ourselves in local cuisine, so Dong Ba Market will be our final destination. It is the biggest commercial market in Hue city where there is a wide range of goods from clothing, handicrafts, local foods, refreshments, and souvenirs. Coming to the market, you can experience all the hustle and bustle of a local market while you can also enjoy some scrumptious dishes that may leave you a strong impression.

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