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August 29, 2022

Hue City Tour By Motorbike – An Exciting Way To Discover Hue

Hue City Tour By Motorbike is highly recommended if you want to explore Hue in the best way. The local guides will take you to incredible destinations. 

Hue City Tour by motorbike? Yes, it is an ideal choice if you are looking for a perfect tour to explore Hue city. In this blog, you are going to find out why motorbikes are the best choice when going sightseeing in Hue.

In addition, you also can expect to read what to do on the tour. I am sure the well-selected attractions, foods, and drinks will not let you down. So, let’s dive into the Hue City Tour by motorbike.

Hue City Tour by motorbike is the best choice to explore Hue city.

Why You Should Travel Around Hue By Motorbike

Hue is located in Central Vietnam, next to Quang Tri province in the North and Da Nang city in the South. Hue is always a must-see destination in Vietnam thanks to the natural landscape, the Royal structures, and the mouthwatering foods.

When exploring Hue city, motorbikes are a great transportation choice for several reasons. First, a motorbike is easier to take you to hidden destinations. There are many great places and amazing food stalls that you will fall in love with in small lanes. 

Besides, riding a motorbike is a lot easier to sightsee. Hue is famous for its picturesque landscape such as the graceful Perfume River and the poetic Vong Canh Hill. It’s best to have a local carry you on a motorbike and show you around this peaceful city.

Finally, since motorbikes are the most common mean of transportation in Vietnam, you can experience the daily life of the locals

Just get on the motorbike and you will have a great experience.

Activities To Do With Hue Motorbike Tour

Though renting a motorbike to explore the city by yourself could be a good idea, I believe you should check out the Hue City Tour by Motorbike. It is way easy and fun to have a local guide accompany you to the best places in Hue. Let’s see what to expect in Hue City Tour by motorbike.

Enjoy Hue Salty Coffee

If you are a fan of Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk, you should not miss its salty version. It may sound strange, but it does taste good. To your surprise, salty coffee is a specialty of Hue, so it is hard to find such a delicious cup of salty coffee anywhere else.

The lady bikers will take you to the first and original cafe serving this kind of coffee. It is the best way to start your day and get ready to explore the city.

Once you try the salty coffee in Hue, you will fall in love with it.

Visit Thanh Toan Tile-Roofed Bridge

The next destination on the tour is the Thanh Toan tile-roofed bridge. It is located in Thuy Thanh ward, about 8km from the city center. This wooden bridge is classified as rare and has the highest artistic value among ancient bridges in Vietnam.

The bridge is worth visiting due to its special architecture and the history behind it. It was built in 1776 thanks to a woman named Tran Thi Dao. She donated her own money so that the village can build this bridge. 

Back then, the bridge helped locals to travel easier and was also the place for travelers to stop and rest. By the year 1925, Emperor Khai Dinh commanded to place an altar to worship Mrs.Tran Thi Dao right on the bridge.

Thanh Toan tile-roofed bridge is a must-see attraction in Hue.

Explore Khai Dinh Royal Tomb

Next, the guides will take you to the Khai Dinh Royal Tomb. It is located in Thuy Bang Commune, Huong Thuy District, about 9km from the city center. 

It is one of the most magnificent royal structures left by the last monarch dynasty in Vietnam. Khai Dinh was the 12th Emperor among the 13 Emperors. Since it took 11 years to build such an outstanding tomb, its delicate architecture and decoration will thrill you.

The most impressive building must be the Thien Dinh palace – the highest building in the Tomb. There you can see the exquisite mosaic art and the majestic statue of Emperor Khai Dinh sitting on the throne.

The local guides will help you learn more about this magnificent Khai Dinh Tomb.

Visit Tu Duc Royal Tomb

The next destination on the Hue City Tour by motorbike is Tu Duc Royal Tomb. It lies in Thuy Xuan ward, about 6km from the Hue city center. 

Tu Duc Emperor is the 4th Emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty. Though he had 103 wives, he didn’t have any children because of the after-effect of smallpox he got. You will learn a lot more about his history from the tour guides.

While Khai Dinh Tomb is like a European castle, Tu Duc Tomb takes up a much larger space to build lakes and pavilions. When you walk inside this Mausoleum, you will fall in love with the peacefulness and ancient atmosphere

The artistic view of Tu Duc Royal Tomb leaves a great impression on visitors.

Try A Local Meal For Lunch

The Hue City Tour by motorbike also includes lunch. After visiting 4 attractions, the guides will take you to a great local restaurant to have lunch. 

One important thing is the food stalls on the tour are selected well. The local guides know where to have the most delicious foods in Hue. On this tour, you will enjoy a Vietnamese traditional meal with authentic Hue dishes.

If you are looking for a food tour in Hue, I highly recommend you try Hue Street Foods Tour. The foods are so good that you would regret not trying them.

You cannot have enough Hue foods because they are so good.

Discover Tu Hieu Pagoda

Hue is famous for its many ancient and sacred pagodas, so Hue City Tour will not be complete without coming to a pagoda. If you want to pray for happiness or learn about Buddhism, you should visit the pagoda. On this tour, the guides will take you to Tu Hieu pagoda.

There is a story behind the name of the pagoda. Tu Duc Emperor gave the pagoda the name in appreciation of Nhat Dinh – a monk’s dedication to his mother. I am sure you will learn more meaningful things about the pagoda from the lady guides while visiting it.

You will have an overview about the ancient Tu Hieu pagoda.

How To Join The Motorbike Tour In Hue

The reason why people love Hue City Tour by motorbike is because of not only the great attractions but also the enthusiasm of the local guides. They will show you the beauty of Hue city as much as they can. Thus, I don’t want you to miss the tour.

To join the motorbike tour in Hue, you can book via email at or (+84) 394323030. Also, you can book the tour on Tripadvisor (link to Tripadvisor) to see the feedback from the previous clients.

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