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July 21, 2022

All About the Minh Mang Royal Tomb

1. Minh Mang Tomb Location

Minh Mang royal Tomb is in Huong Tho Commune, Huong Tra District, on the west bank of Perfume River and about 12km south of Hue City center. This place is where 2 tributaries join to form the picturesque Perfume River. The tomb was constructed in 1840 under the order of King Minh Mang

2. Minh Mang Royal Tomb Construction and Architecture

Minh Mang’s royal tomb is the resting place for the 2nd emperor of the Nguyen dynasty. The tomb was in construction from 1840 to 1843. This mausoleum was uncompleted under Minh Mang’s reign, in 1841 Thieu Tri king continue the task following his father’s plans and completed it in 1843. There were 10 thousand workers and artisans who worked hard to build the tomb for 3 years.

It designed a symmetric axis running from the Red Gate to the foot of the Surrounding Wall behind the King’s tomb.  Apart from this gate at the center, there are 2 other gates: the Left Red Gate and the Right Red Gate, which led to the Honour Courtyard – where two rows of mandarins, elephants and horse’s stone statues are standing.

Minh Mang Tomb

At the other side of the 3 gates, on Mount Phung Than is the square Stele Pavilion, where the stele “Thanh Duc Than Cong” inscribed with the King’s biography and merits written by his son, is placed. Sung An Temple, where King Minh Mang and his wife are worshipped, can be accessed through Hien Duc Gate.

There are 3 stones bridges on the other side of this temple, with the marble one reserved only for the king. Finally, the Hoang Trach Gate heads to the Minh Lau Pavilion. It is placed on top of three terraces representing heaven, earth and water. Closer to the tomb area, the New Moon Lake (Ho Tan Nguyet) is crescent-shaped and embraces the circular wall surrounding the grave (Buu Thanh)

Looking from afar, the complex looks like a human being with the hill as his pillow and his hands and feet reaching to the river. From the front gate to the back door is almost 700m. The fence is high but does not block the view to the mountains and Cam Ke Hill nearby

3. How to get there

From Hue city center, there are three ways you can visit Minh Mang’s tomb. Firstly, you can take a boat trip there, it takes approximately 2 hours and a half. Secondly, we can take a private car and thirdly we can travel by motorbike, 20 to 30 minutes is the duration of the transfer.

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